Top 10+ Best Chainsaw Mills Review in 2022 + Handy Buying Guide

Purchasing and figuring out how to utilize a chainsaw mill, notwithstanding approaching trees that you can use, will spare you a great deal of money. Go through this Best Chainsaw Mills Review to figure out which one is the best choice for your workspace.

A chainsaw mill is for taking out a heft of your outstanding task at hand by cutting straight with your chainsaw and get the correct dimensions of lumber inevitably. 

Milling is quite an expert-level task, and it is something that numerous individuals feel it a difficult task. Much of the time, the battle is genuine because, despite a powerful chainsaw, it is likely to be quite an overwhelming task. 

Chainsaw mills can likewise be portable and will permit you to take the site to the log, instead of taking the log to the sight. If you work with wood professionally, it will be better justified, despite all the trouble for you monetarily, to cut your lumber as opposed to purchasing lumber from an outsider or employing a lumberjack to make this task for you. 

Most chainsaw mills are made of steel and aluminum outlines and are utilized alongside stages, seats, or different surfaces to help bolster the log that you are making into lumber. Portable chainsaw mills are generally perfect for individuals who need lumber for individual activities, though bigger mills are increasingly appropriate for business, factory usage. 

5 factors to remember while choosing Chainsaw mills 

#1 – Saw Kerf-Size Adjustability: 

The underlying thing which you may need to consider the potential “chainsaw mill” is the Saw Kerf. Also, saw kerf shows how “thick” the cuts will be made on the board or board. It means the saw-kerf will impact what number of boards or chunks it is conceivable to make from your lumber. 

#2 – Weight

At whatever point you are hoping to utilize a “chainsaw mill” to cut your logs, for the most part, you will haul this around continually. A decent way to deal with tests the weight is consistently to test this legitimately in the shop. If you are not in the shop, you can focus on its specifications on the web and quest for its specific weight. 

You should remember that a definitive get together will contain the chainsaw alone, so you should evaluate the general body weight to be heavy. Ensure that you can control its weight. Then again, for lightweight, just you can decide for the littler chainsaw mills. 

#3 – Bar Capacity 

Width of wood or board, which you will be cutting, relies upon the size of the chainsaw bar. You have to be sure that your “chainsaw mill” can manage the specific length of the bar. 

#4 – Cutting Capability

The cutting capacity will, for the most part, rely upon the size of the chainsaw bar. In any case, you need to check on the off chance that there are changes that you can produce from your chainsaw mill for getting your favored cutting limit. 

#5 – Price 

You may wish to check the price of the chainsaw mill before buying it. For the essential chainsaw mill, you will, in all likelihood, put in two or three hundreds as it were. If you are hoping to purchase the entire “chainsaw mill” with some other fantastic highlights, at that point, you can envision in any event one thousand to contribute. 

Best Chainsaw Mills Review in 2022

If you utilize a suitable saw, you can narrow down your possible dissatisfactory results significantly. While a littler saw may be able to fell the tree, and even cut the rounds, the milling includes heaps of pressure the saw and suggests that you will guarantee that indeed you can hammer on the things. 

Here we present the top 10 Best Chainsaw Mills Review for all your buying needs. Moreover, you will also figure out which is the best one to purchase for your woodworking and carpentry jobs. Right away, here are ten of the best chainsaw mills that you can buy. 

1 – Hud-Son Sawyer Portable Bandmill Chainsaw 

Hud-Son Sawyer Portable Bandmill Chainsaw 

Hud-Son is a company based in Barneveld, NYC, the USA. They spend significant time in assembling mechanical quality mills and other hardware that is reasonable for factories that make their wood items. 

This Hud-Son chainsaw mill is classified as a portable chainsaw mill, regardless of its mechanical quality, seven horsepower, and excellent asking price. This mill costs a great many dollars, so you can just anticipate that this mill is essential for woodworking organizations every single day. 

It is known as a “homesteader sawmill.” This mill has its track for logs to go on as you cut them into lumber. Experts are ready and well-prepared to utilize this mill to cut logs into lumber at a quick rate

This mill doesn’t expect you to utilize a chainsaw; it accompanies its blades with the goal that you always cut on the right track. 

This mill weighs 450 pounds, and with such accompanies it, it is nothing unexpected that a great deal is required all together for this machine to make different bits of lumber every moment. 

Another caution is that this mill ships unassembled, so you should assemble it yourself. For a mechanical mill rather than an individual mill, that is quite difficult. 

Except if you maintain your own business where you need lumber continually made, this isn’t something that you purchase for individual use and locally situated tasks. 

Advantage of Hud-Son Sawyer

  • Can cut logs at a quick rate
  • Doesn’t require a chainsaw 
  • Has a ton of horsepower
  • Deal with massive logs
  • Incredible quality

Disadvantage of Hud-Son Sawyer

  • Costly
  • Challenging to manage 
  • Occupies much space 

2 – Logosol Big Mill Timberjig 

Logosol Big Mill Timberjig 

The Logosol Timberjig is the lightest, littlest, and most portable mill up to this point in this review, weighing under ten pounds and involving a little more than six crawls in width. It is an incredible mill to purchase for individuals who don’t like utilizing enormous, substantial tools. It’s a mill that fits inside most budget scopes of woodworkers. 

It is probably the most straightforward connection for chainsaws that you can jump available today. You can mill logs without situating them on a level surface, so if you needed to cut it from on the ground where it lays, you could do as such. 

Utilizing this mill is anything but difficult to use; however, it will require some serious energy to master it. The precision all relies upon how talented and cautious you are with it, and acing this kind of mill job takes some time. 

As per Logosol, there is no restriction to the size of logs you can cut, yet it is appropriate for logs up to 20 crawls long

This mill works with practically any chainsaw with no difficulty normal. It is useful if you utilize the chainsaws with 70cc motors or higher. Try not to expect a modest chainsaw you effectively own to function admirably with the Timberjig. 

The one chainsaw that this mill isn’t perfect with the Husqvarna 3120XP except if costly modifications to the chainsaw or mill. It additionally won’t join to Stihl 088 or MS 880 without several M10 augmentation nuts. 

Advantage of Timberjig

  • Genuinely reasonable price 
  • Works with practically any sort of chainsaw
  • Lightweight and straightforward to move
  • Can make large bits of lumber
  • Extraordinary build quality

Disadvantage of Timberjig

  • Only works with powerful chainsaws

3 – Granberg Chain Saw Mill G777 

Granberg Chain Saw Mill G777 

There are various chainsaw mills from Granberg that we will be taking a gander at, yet this initial one is their G777 model. It is an incredible mill to use for little and individual undertakings. This mill is reasonable and very cost-effective methods for making lumber quick and straightforward. 

The G777 is lightweight, small, and simple to carry and store. It can fit bars that are 20 inches or less. It will unquestionably fit bars around over two crawls in width, yet a few bars may be excessively tight for mounting. 

This chainsaw mill attaches to your chainsaw without a bar. The primary thing that you must know about is that this mill won’t work with corded or battery-powered chainsaws. You will require one that is powered by gas, one with a 60cc motor or more to be exact. A chainsaw mill requires a better than average measure of power to be operational. 

Something else to remember is that you need a sharp tearing chain to use with this chainsaw mill. A chain that is too dull will effortlessly get caught in the wood. This chainsaw mill additionally does exclude any guide rails, either. 

Believe it or not, this is a decent mill to have if it is possible that you are on a severe budget or might want a new mill to have, however, there are such a large number of restrictions to this mill to be viewed as the best chainsaw mill in 2022. 

If you are attempting to transform the chainsaw into an individual sawmill, at that point, Granberg G777 is priced acutely and conveys an authentic punch. Granberg suggests that you should utilize a “tearing chain.” It has a few advantages.

It is anything but difficult to cut snappier, make cleaner cuts just as offers a smooth completion. It will likewise protract the life anticipation of the chainsaw. Tearing chains had been planned explicitly for milling. It is a smart thought to have the more significant part of your gear. 

Advantage of Granberg Chain Saw Mill

  • Affordable price
  • Light and straightforward to dispatch
  • Numerous positive reviews 

Disadvantage of Granberg Chain Saw Mill

  • Won’t work with a bar bigger than 20-inches 
  • This mill is restricted to gas chainsaws as it were. 

4 – Haddon Lumbermaker 

Haddon Lumbermaker 

If you’re searching for transforming your chainsaw into a completely working Alaskan sawmill, this tool from Haddon Lumbermaker can be an extraordinary decision. Haddon Lumbermaker is a useful, portable, and functional tool that makes any lumberjack’s life simpler. The usability and comfort of this tool are top-notch. 

The first mark on our consideration is its lightweight and less complicated method. Weighing just four pounds, most likely, it’s one of the lightest chainsaw mills available in the market today. 

The Lumbermaker works with all customary cutting equipment and connects to the bar in a moment or two. You can cut any estimated lumber right where the tree falls. Besides, you can make boards, pillar, or sheets with your chainsaw and this tool. 

The unit accompanies a portable guide that effectively fits numerous chainsaws. It gives the chainsaw to situate access to a vertical cut when you go over the side of the log. It additionally lets the saw to turn for plunge cuts to alter the depth on the fly. 

Finally, it accompanies the Haddon Lumbermaker manual. It’s an amazingly accommodating guide for the new user to take in the entire procedure all the way. 

In general, it’s a fantastic mill for the work without hesitation, an incredible system to transform signs into lumber. It’s a piece of entirely suitable cutting equipment at this cost. 

Advantage of Haddon Lumbermaker

  • Simplest to install and utilize 
  • High quality 
  • Lightweight 
  • Affordable 

Disadvantage of Haddon Lumbermaker

  • Once in a while, it gets alongside the lumber. 

5 – Chainsaw Mill “Solo” 

Chainsaw Mill Solo

Next, we have this great chainsaw mill from Freelancer. It’s a decent choice for both the woodwork specialist and the accomplished users. This chainsaw mill functions admirably with all expert evaluation chainsaws with power from 4kW.

It’s an incredible tool for going little to direct logs into lumber. Even though it doesn’t include rails, it can cut thickness up to 12-inch and cutting width up to 36-inch

This tool is adaptable just as portable. If it’s unrealistic to take a log to the sawmill, this portable chainsaw mill will work incredibly to take care of business keeping away from an outing to the mill. 

The Freelancer Chainsaw Mill “Solo” highlights durable steel construction, which makes it reliable and robust. The powder covering shading outwardly additionally includes durable strength. 

Besides, the plan offers some level of control too. One of the advantages of utilizing this tool is you can control both the chainsaw and “Solo” mill all the while as you would typically do. 

One of the drawbacks of this tool is it has no rails to diminish the vibration while utilizing and keep your level as you move over a log. In this way, it requires you more practice to accomplish level cuts, particularly on adjusted logs. 

To summarize, Freelancer Chainsaw mill “Solo” is a top of the line unit in an affordable, down to earth bundle ideal both for an accomplished user or genuine worker. 

Advantage of Chainsaw Mill

  • Simple to control 
  • All around manufactured and solid build.
  • Portable and lightweight 

Disadvantage of Chainsaw Mill

  • Level cuts with this tool require practice. 

6 – GRANBERG MiniG555B Chainsaw Mill 


If you have a strict budget and can’t go for the Granberg Chainsaw Mill G777 or Alaskan Mark IV G778-24 Chainsaw Mill, at that point, GRANBERG MiniG555B “chainsaw mill” is the ideal counterpart for you. It is the best chainsaw mill for the money available in the market.

If you need to get such a gadget that is both affordable and stacked with such vast numbers of features, at that point, this one is the thing that you need. A milling gadget for lumber and wood, this Mini-Mill G555b from Granberg is a gas-run unit that ranges the length of 25″ typically.

As far as its exhibition, it is ideal for cant figuring out or piece edging. This specific unit tips the scales at 6 lbs as it were. It is a “budget solution” for milling the lumber that has “bar clasps,” which length 2″ in width. 

Let us talk about some essential things you should think about this Mini Mill from Granberg. You should clean the “track chain” utilizing a 2-1/2″ bar width, just as rails, measure 24″. Moreover, it doesn’t drop the shield and even causes this to vibrate, and this is a perfect milling gadget for little league woodworkers. 

This small scale mill tool is ideal for settling logs or edging chunks. Because of its minimal structure, this lower than usual mill isn’t suitable for enormous lumber; at the same time, it is profoundly compelling for a conservative machine.

This mill connection will work unfathomably if the correct “tearing saw chain” is put to utilize. This Granberg G555B Mini Mill is suitable to manage for the expert users as well as beginners.

Advantage of GRANBERG MiniG555B

  • Has a minimal structure 
  • Accompanies a cutting manual 
  • Appropriate for “edging sections.” 
  • Eminent for the two beginners and experts 
  • Entirely affordable moreover 

Disadvantage of GRANBERG MiniG555B

  • Not straightforward for some to utilize 
  • Not a solid match for a big-sized lumber 

7 – Alaskan Mark-IV G778-24 Chainsaw Mill 

Alaskan Mark-IV G778-24

This chainsaw mill in this review list is Alaskan MarkIVG778-24 Chainsaw Mill. It is because we discovered this unit quite like Granberg Chain Saw Mill G777. Although this unit has impressive features, it, despite everything, needs something more.

As far as execution, it is some way or another less equivalent to the main gadget referenced in this post. Be that as it may, Alaskan Mark IV-G778-24 Chainsaw Mill has a ton of stunning highlights to offer. 

This rock-solid, flexible lumber chainsaw mill cuts boards precisely and bars as much as 1/2-inch to 13-inch down and 20-inch wide. Cinches onto the chainsaw bar with no boring required. Portable and lightweight, permits a user to handily “mill lumber” any place the tree drops. No detailed knowledge is required! 

All the most recent end sections are more easy to change, which make considerably less vibration contrasted with the past “kick the bucket cast” version just as being unbreakable for all intents and purposes.

It is ideal for sawyers, arborists, woodworkers, and property holders. You can achieve the perfect results when you use it with the Granberg “first cut” and “tearing chain” stages. 

This “Alaskan Mark IV G778” is a higher mill that can be used anyplace a tree is cut down or falls. This chainsaw mill can be joined to the chain bar quite effectively and rapidly with merely a few turns of the wrench. This “Alaskan Mark IV G77824” Mill can trim a wide range of trees, for instance, cedar, pecan, and oak into cutting edge lumber. 

Advantage of Alaskan Mark-IV G778-24

  • Incredible for a big lumber 
  • Has numerous extraordinary reviews 
  • Can cut the trees any place they’re 
  • Can be used for a variety of trees 
  • Made from great materials 
  • Easily customizable for different size logs 

Disadvantage of Alaskan Mark-IV G778-24

  • Expensive 
  • A couple of gatherings are required. 
  • An ultra-powerful chainsaw is required to utilize this mill.

8 – HiHydro Portable Chainsaw Mill 

HiHydro Portable Chainsaw

This chainsaw mill from HiHydro was intended for incredibly enormous distance across trees and highlighted a bar depth up to 48-inch. Nonetheless, note that cutting trees of this width can be very difficult, arduous, and tedious, utilizing a chainsaw mill instead of a bandsaw mill. 

The mill makes the procedure relatively better by shielding you from flying garbage with acrylic spread more than one finish of the cutting zone. The aluminum rails are constructed well and are stable even though the successive utilization of the chainsaw mill. In contrast, the rest of the mill has chrome-completed steel for solidness. 

Apart from that, the cutting depth ranges from 1/2″ to 13″, albeit a few users may want considerably thicker board depths when cutting a log that is about four feet in width to keep enormous cuts of wood unblemished. 

Users noticed that getting the best possible thickness could likewise be difficult, particularly on bigger logs, and some detailed molding a custom spacer framework to help keep up a straight cut across woods. 

Advantage of HiHydro Portable

  • Bar depth up to 48″ 
  • Cutting depth up to 13″ 
  • Strong, solid construction 

Disadvantage of HiHydro Portable

  • Keeping up the thickness of the cut can be difficult. 
  • Can’t cut logs under 14″ in breadth 

9 – Carmyra Portable YJBJ01 Chain-Saw Milling-Equipment 

Carmyra Portable YJBJ01

The last item in this post is Carmyra Portable YJBJ01. This chainsaw mill doesn’t offer all the best highlights and ideal execution, like others reviewed in this post. As a result of the inferior materials used to structure the item, it comes with relatively low performance.

If you are a novice to milling after that, you may confront an issue while milling pine utilizing this chainsaw mill. You can use the wrench for collection purposes that may not coordinate with most other equipment on the chainsaw mill category.

Be that as it may, you need to search for a suitable wrench. It takes a couple of jerry-fixing for getting it to work effectively. Moreover, It is a decent choice, little task woodworkers, and property holders.

This small scale chainsaw mill is the choice for figuring out lumbers or edging the pieces. As a result of its smoothed out structure, this mill isn’t incredible for enormous lumbers. 

Farmertec company has made this portable and lightweight 36″ chainsaw mill model. It is perfect for 14″ to 36″ chainsaw bar. The company provides a 1-month money-back warranty just; this is a quick and straightforward installation advantageous chainsaw mill, which tips the scales at 7.5 kg. The model is available with aluminum and steel materials. Moreover, it is an adaptable and practical 36″ mill. 

Apart from that, the bundle accompanies one user guide, one set arrangement tool, and one chainsaw mill. The lumber boards’ width and height are movable. It appends to the chainsaw bar straightforwardly. 

Advantage of Carmyra Portable YJBJ01

  • Minimal effort 
  • It fits 14-inch to the 36-inch chainsaw bar. 
  • Steel and Aluminum fabrication

Disadvantage of Carmyra Portable YJBJ01

  • The guide and chainsaw bar is not available 
  • Not much powerful
  • Numerous individuals find this mill testing to utilize 

10 – Popsport Chainsaw Mill 

Popsport Chainsaw Mill

This Portable Sawmill will transform the chainsaw into the lumber mill. Just join this portable, lightweight sawmill with the adaptable “side section” to the chainsaw, lastly, you are good to go for the little or challenging tasks, cutting any length of timber. Equipment accommodated quick and straightforward installation. 

This “Popsport Chainsaw Mill” is an astoundingly practical solution to transform the logs into generally usable lumber to use on some other DIY home activities. Then again, the polish of this gadget is in its advanced plan permitting this to let it set up rapidly and allowing you to begin working at whatever point you need to. 

Additionally, a significant thing that we have to concentrate on is that it works with the bar too. To get the most extreme execution, you genuinely require a powerful gas-run chainsaw. We suggest a chainsaw which is higher than 60-cc.

In any case, you can use a less powerful chainsaw, basically ensure that you are good to go to have a tolerance on the off chance that you decide to go for littler. 

We just need to call attention to a little bandy. The installation guidelines are somewhat testing to understand, like IKEA’s directions. Mostly, have a nearby spotlight on the photos when you amass this, and you will be fine. We can’t refer to enough great stuff about this unique tool. We think we said enough. As of now, the decision is in your hands. 

Advantage of Popsport Chainsaw Mill

  • Connects to the chainsaw bar legitimately 
  • Mounts to the chain bar by having not many turns of the wrench 
  • Ideal for woodworkers, manufacturers and open-air devotees 
  • Has a portable framework with the goal that you can move it to the remote logs 

Disadvantage of Popsport Chainsaw Mill

  • Modifying the height is somewhat testing. 
  • Get together guideline is to some degree difficult to comprehend 

Our Thoughts of Popsport Chainsaw Mill

To conclude, these “chainsaw milling” alternatives are the best to give the highest caliber of lumber you’re hoping to get. Everything is reliant on precisely how you utilize this and the chainsaw which you have with it. We believe that you appreciated the reviews of chainsaw mills in this post. 

All the items referenced in this post offer you in accordance with your need. You can likewise surf the web to become familiar with them. Notwithstanding, to limit your exertion, we recommend you remember all the factors that we’ve depicted in this article. 

Besides, you will discover loads of models and price reaches to pick from, yet you ought to get simply the best one for you. All the chainsaw mills we reviewed in this post depending on their working, features, and value

We’ve prevailing to make your procedure of picking the chainsaw mill simpler. Do you have any more interesting information on any chainsaw? We would appreciate knowing your essential musings about this in the comment box below.

Finally, don’t hesitate to go through our best-rated Bandsaw reviews. There are some incredible pieces of articles that will assist you with choosing which Bandsaw to get for your dream projects. 

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