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We have selected the TOP 10 jigsaws based on their performance, customer satisfaction, manufacturing quality, and durability.

All of the ten jigsaws are really good and cater to different people because everyone has a different need from a jigsaw, right? So, we are sure you will find a jigsaw from our list that will match your requirements 100%.

Don’t forget to checkout out the buyers’ section after the reviews to know about all the essential features that every jigsaw offers.

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1] Bosch Power Tools JS470E Top Handle Best Jigsaw Review 2022 – EDITORS CHOICE

Bosch Power Tools JS470E Top Handle Best Jigsaw Review 2022 – EDITORS CHOICE

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to the best jigsaw for woodworking. But we think this Bosch Power Tools JS470E takes the cake when it comes to reliability, versatility, and cutting efficiency.

This best woodworking jigsaw has a top handle, which will help you perform the cutting operation with ease.

A great feature that this jigsaw provides is the ejection of the blade without using any tool at all. You can quickly swap the blade if you are cutting another material.

Even if the blade is hot, you can remove it without even touching it with the help of the lock button. They have even added a variable speed button to control the SPM.

The reason we absolutely love this jigsaw other than it being a BOSCH is that it comes with a remarkable constant response technology.

What this does is, it will keep regulating the power output automatically when you are cutting material. No matter what kind of material you put in, this system will ensure that your jigsaw doesn’t run out of power.

Cool, eh?

They have even added a wind blower in this jigsaw. With the blower, you can adjust the direction of the air pressure, so you will never have dust build-up on the cutting line. The blower will ensure that all the dust is blown away from the line, and you can cut properly.

Bosch has also added a way actually to tune the orbital action of the saw. With this, you will be able to set the motion of the saw depending upon if you want an aggressive saw or a very sift cutting experience.

The overall length of the power cord in this best-corded jigsaw is 10 feet long, which will undoubtedly give you more room to work around in your workshop.

They have made sure that the jigsaw is made to last long. All the parts of this best jigsaw are made out of hard plastic, which will not break easily. They have even added rubber in a lot of parts to absorb the vibrations and give the saw overall long service life.

The foot of the saw is made out of die-cast metal with a steel insert. This saw will have excellent stability when cutting material.

As for the vibrations, be assured that you are going to get minimal vibration, and it won’t be tough on your hands when working for extended periods of time.

You can easily cut mild steel, which is 3/8-inch-thick and 7/8-inch-thick aluminum. The wood cutting capacity of this jigsaw is at 5-7/8 inches. These are actually rated numbers from the manufacturer itself.

That is very impressive, right?

This best-handled jigsaw has seven amps motor, which is really impressive as it can go from 0 SPM to 3100 SPM in seconds. You will not have any problem cutting material with this awesome jigsaw.

The weight of the jigsaw is only 10 pounds, so it won’t make your hands tired when using it.

You are going to get a full 1-year warranty along with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Amperage 7
Tool Level 2 – Corded – variable speed intermediate
Voltage 120V
Weight 5.6lb
Width 4.0″
Stroke Length 1
Rating 120V
No Load SPM 500-3,100
Max. Bevel Cut 45°
Max. Bevel Capacity (°) 45
Length 14.0″
Jig Saw Blade Type Jig Saw T-Shank
Hertz 60
Height 8.43″
Dust Collection Yes
Dust Blower Yes
Cutting Capacity-Mild Steel 0.375
Cutting Capacity-Aluminum 0.875
Cutting Capacity- Soft Wood 5-7/8″
Category Jig Saws
Case Type Hard plastic
Bevel Angle Range 45°

Included in the box of Bosch JS470E

  • Bosch JS470E Best Jigsaw
  • Carrying Case
  • Anti-Splitter Insert
  • Plastic Overshoe
  • Blade
  • Bevel Wrench
The Good
  • Easy to use
  • Our choice for Best Jigsaw
  • Reputed Manufacturer
  • 4.6/5-star rating from 330+ buyers
  • Powerful 7-amp motor
  • Constant response system available
  • Variable speed control provided
  • 1-year warranty
The bad
  • Not LED light in the model
  • You will not be able to use U-shank blades in this jigsaw

Our Thoughts of Bosch JS470E

According to us, this is the best jigsaw for your money value. It provides a lot of good features along with the build quality and efficiency of BOSCH. You will get a 1-year warranty as well, which should make you worry-free when buying this jigsaw. We give the green light to this best professional jigsaw.

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2] Dewalt DW331K Best Jigsaw Review 2022 – Professional Quality Jigsaw for Experts

Dewalt DW331K Best Jigsaw

As you know, we love Dewalt power tools.

This Dewalt DW331K is one of our go-to jigsaws in the market. Dewalt has proven itself in providing its customers with high-quality stuff that lasts for years.

This is a top handle jigsaw, which is very lightweight and doesn’t strain your hands when you work for hours on end. The overall weight of this best jigsaw for professionals is only 6.4 pounds, which also makes it one of the lightest jigsaws in the market in 2022.

As it is lightweight, you will be able to maneuver it better when cutting curves. The jigsaw is also very comfortable to hold as it has rubber padding on the handle.

The thick rubber material on the handle will also act as a dampener and will reduce the vibrations when cutting. This Dewalt jigsaw will give you the best cutting experience ever!

As with all other jigsaw blades, this one also comes with a T-shank blade, which will give you superior precision and accuracy when cutting wood, plastic, or metal.

Are you changing the material from wood to plastic or metal? Then you will need to replace the blade as well.

It’s very easy to replace the blade in this jigsaw; you will not need any kind of tools to do it. Just use the blade clamp level, and the blade will come out. It only takes mere seconds to change the blade.

Impressive, isn’t it?

Love level cuts and bevel cuts? This best jigsaw for beginners comes with bevel detents. These are the preset angles that will help you set the bevel. The detents are placed at 0 degrees, 15 degrees, 30 degrees, and 45 degrees.

You can just choose a level and lock the blade at that place.

When cutting wood, you will notice that a lot of dust starts to pile on the cutting line, and you are not able to clearly see the line.

To counter this dust-pile-up, Dewalt jigsaw comes with a blower which ill blows away all the dust and debris from near the blade so you can see the path clearly. With better visibility, you won’t run into errors inaccuracy.

This best rated jigsaw has a power punch of 6.5 amps, which is what every good jigsaw has on average. You can use this jigsaw to cut whatever you want.

As this jigsaw has a powerful supportive motor, you will not have to worry about power lack or stalling when cutting all kinds of materials like wood, ceramic, metal, granite, and rocks.

With the proper blade, this saw will cut everything that you throw at it. This saw will cut anything that has a thickness of less than 1 inch.

Pretty cool, eh?

The overall no-load speed of the blade in this jigsaw is from 500 SPM to a massive 3100 SPM. You will be able to set any SPM speed between this range with the help of the variable speed control knob. Sometimes you want low speed to cut denser object, and this jigsaw will let you do that.

Best part?

The best part about this best professional woodworking jigsaw is that it comes with four different types of orbital motions. These options will heavily increase the versatility of the jigsaw.

Depending upon your cutting material and its density, you can set the orbital action for getting the best cutting efficiency.

As you might already know, with all the Dewalt products, you are going to get a 1-year free service warranty along with a 90-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like the product.

With the jigsaw, you are also going to get a 3-year warranty as well.


BEVEL DETENTS 0°, 15°, 30°, AND 45°

Included in the box of Dewalt DW331K

  • Dewalt DW331K Best Jigsaw
  • Hard Carrying Case
  • User Manual
The Good
  • 3-year warranty period
  • 1-year free service
  • Powerful motor and high-speed blade
  • High quality construction
  • 4.6/5-star rating from 190+ customers
  • Variable speed control available
  • Bevel detents provided
  • Dust blower included
  • Extremely lightweight
The bad
  • Although the pack say kit box, you will not get a blade with this kit. You will have to buy it separately.
  • No LED light in the jigsaw.

Our Thought of Dewalt DW331K

If you are a Dewalt customer, then you already know that their stuff is always made out of high-quality materials, and their power tools last for years. This saw is no exception, buy it if you are looking for a reliable partner at work. With the variable speed control, four orbital actions, and a long warranty, this is one of the best professional jigsaws in the market in 2022.

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3] Black + Decker BDEJS300C Best Jigsaw Review 2022– Cheapest but High-Quality Jigsaw

Black + Decker BDEJS300C Best Jigsaw

Although this is one of the cheapest jigsaws that you can get on the market, it has a huge fan base on amazon. More than 390 people have given it a 4.5-star rating for its durability and cutting efficiency.

Black + Decker has been making quality power tools since 1910. They are famous for providing quality tools to their customers in all kinds of different fields like automotive, outdoors, home, and many more.

There is a 4.5-amp motor in this jigsaw, which is enough for a beginner woodworker. The motor can give you 3000 SPM, which will be enough for all DIY operations.

Although 4.5 amp is not great power for professional-grade usage, it will be more than enough for all the beginners who just started out their DIY cutting operation.

You will be able to cut wood, plastic, and metal with this best jigsaw for beginners.

The overall stroke length of the jigsaw is ¾ inch. A great thing we like about this jigsaw is that it comes with a new wire guard sightline channel.

This feature is great for increasing the visibility of the blade and cut line during the cutting operation. It will surely increase cutting accuracy.

The weight of the jigsaw is very less compared to some other brands; it weighs only 4.19 pounds. With a light jigsaw, you can maneuver quickly and easily when cutting curves.

The base plate on this best rated jigsaw will help you make bevel cuts up to 45 degrees. Another great thing about this jigsaw is the quick release blade mechanism.

Cool, right?

You will just have to use the blade clamp to replace the blade whenever you need it. Along with that, you will also get an adjustable shoe as well.

This best cheap jigsaw comes with a blower too! The blower will blow away all the dust and debris that gathers near the blade.

You will be surprised to know that this cheap jigsaw also has variable speed control! The variable speed control will allow you to use the jigsaw efficient by adding a lot of versatility to your materials.

You can either use a U shank blade or a T shank blade in this jigsaw. If you would like to read the instructional manual, then go here.

Lastly, you are going to get a whopping 2-year warranty on this best jigsaw under $20.


Amps 4.5
Weight 4.6 Pounds
Blade type U and T shank
Cord length 5 Feet
Maximum cutting capacity 3/4 inch
Strokes Per Minute 3000
Maximum wood cutting capacity 3/4 inch
Voltage 120 V

Included in the box of BDEJS300C

  • Black + Decker BDEJS300C Best Jigsaw
  • Blade
The Good
  • Compact and lightweight
  • 2-year warranty
  • Extremely cheap
  • Excellent ratings
  • Can support U and T shank blades
  • 3000 SPM speed
  • Quick tool free blade exchange
The bad
  • No LED lights
  • Low on power for heavy duty operations

Our thoughts of BDEJS300C

If you are very tight on budget, then you can indeed buy this best jigsaw. It is suited for people who do casual cutting at home for their little DIY projects. Don’t buy it if you are a professional and looking for a heavy-duty jigsaw. Overall, this jigsaw checks all the right marks. With the 3000 SPM and 2-year warranty, you can be worry free when using this jigsaw.

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4] Skil 4495-02 Best Jigsaw Review 2022 – Handheld Laser Orbital Jigsaw for Professionals

Skil 4495-02 Best Jigsaw

Skil has made a very good jigsaw with a focus on cutting efficiency. They have made it very easy for you to operate this best jigsaw for woodworking.

You will get a tool-less blade replacement feature with which you can change the blade of the jigsaw without any fuss. The only care you have to take during the changing of the blade is that you need to hold the blade with care as it will be hot after usage.

There is a storage area as well on which you store all your different types of blades, so you don’t have to carry another storage box for the blades.

You will be able to use both the U shank and T shank blades on this best jigsaw.

Cutting all kinds of different things like metal, plastic, or wood is very easy with this jigsaw. While cutting, the jigsaw will not make a lot of noise or vibrations.

The lack of vibrations results in better cutting accuracy.

Although this is one of the most affordable jigsaws on the market, it is very powerful. It comes with a 6 amp motor, which will provide you a good 3200 stroke per minute speed.

You will be getting a variable speed option as well. Along with that, there are four different orbital action modes on this best handheld jigsaw.

Cool, right?

Another thing we love in this jigsaw is the speed trigger lock system. This system will help keep the speed of the blade within safe limits to avoid damage.

You will get all new molded rest features on this best corded jigsaw, which will help you prevent any accidental cuts on the workpiece.

Love laser markers?

Well, you are going to love this feature this then! This Skil best jigsaw comes with a laser marker, which enhances the cutting precision and accuracy. When you make straight cuts, you will see a laser line with which you will exactly know where to cut.

You will be able to make bevel cuts at 22.5 and 45 degrees. You can do this in both directions when cutting material.

The overall warranty on this best cheap jigsaw is of 1 year.


Amps 6
Weight 6.12 Pounds
Blade type U and T shank
Cord length 6 Feet
Maximum cutting capacity 1/2 inch
Strokes Per Minute 3200
Dimensions 12.25 X 3.5 X 9.75 inches
Bevel capacity 45

Included in the box of Skil 4495-02

  • Skil 4495-02 Jigsaw
  • 1 X Scrolling U shank blade
  • 1 X Multipurpose U shank blade
The Good
  • Very affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with laser marker
  • Low vibrations
  • 4 different orbital actions
  • Variable speed control
  • Powerful 6-amp motor
  • 1-year warranty
  • Perfect for beginners
The bad
  • No LED lights
  • No dust blower
  • Not suitable for heavy duty work

Our thoughts of Skil 4495-02

If you are a beginner or cut wood occasionally, then this is a very good option for you. The Skil jigsaw is made to perform excellent and will last for a long time. With the 1-year warranty and cool features like laser, variable speed and orbital actions modes, this jigsaw is one of the best cheap jigsaw options out there.

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5] Porter-Cable PCE345 Best Jigsaw Review 2022 – Top Rated Expert Jigsaw

Porter-Cable PCE345 Best Jigsaw

Best things first!

This Porter-Cable PCE345 Jigsaw comes with a massive 3-year warranty!

If you are a serious DIYer or a professional who needs a new jigsaw without harming their pocket a lot, then this is a great investment.

This best jigsaw combines all the aspects a buyer looks for, i.e., ease of usage, value for money, and excellent power capacity.

This best professional woodworking jigsaw will not only cut wood but plastic and metal as well. All that with good accuracy too!

You will get a 6-amp motor in this jigsaw, which will give you a cutting speed of 3200 strokes per minute. This is enough speed for you to cut anything you like at home or at the worksite.

There is a variable speed feature as well; you can use the trigger lightly for low speeds and press it all the way for full speed. You will need different cutting speeds when you cut different types of materials. Overall, there are seven different speeds you can use this saw with.

Best part?

They have added a 4-mode orbital action feature on this best jigsaw. This orbital action mode will give you a lot better versatility when cutting different types of objects.

We think this is one of the best handheld jigsaws out there in 2022, which offers so many high-end features at a very reasonable price.

There is a 4-inch cut depth capacity on this jigsaw. This kind of cutting capacity is on par with all other brands on the market.

Don’t forget about all the good safety features. This saw comes with a protective cover and a very wide shoe. Both of these things will prevent any mishappening and will give you stability and safety during cutting operations.

You will be getting a tool-less blade exchanging capability as well. You won’t be needing any tools when you want to replace the blade of this jigsaw.

Another feature that you might not see in any of the jigsaws in a similar price range is the LED illumination.

This best jigsaw has its own LED lights, which light up the cut line enabling you to see everything clearly even when you are working in a dark environment.

They have even added bevel cut capability to this jigsaw. You will be able to make bevel cuts at 0 degrees, 15 degrees, 30 degrees, and 45 degrees.

Really impressive, right?


Amps 6
Weight 5.4 Pounds
Corded Yes
Stroke Length 13/16 inch
Maximum cutting capacity 4 inch
Strokes Per Minute 3200
Bevel capacity 0, 15, 30, 45 deg
Orbital actions 4
Dimensions 9.5 X 3.2 X 8.5 inches

Included in the box of PCE345

  • Porter-Cable PCE345 Jigsaw
  • Wood cutting blade
  • Wrench
The Good
  • Best value for money jigsaw
  • LED lights available
  • 7 speed variable control
  • 4 orbital actions
  • 3-year warranty
  • Powerful motor
  • Tool free blade replacement
  • Highly rated on amazon
The bad
  • Not suitable for heavy duty work
  • No blower available

Our thoughts of PCE345

This Porter-Cable jigsaw is one of the best when it comes to providing high ends feature without asking for a lot of money. This one of the best affordable jigsaws in 2022. You should definitely buy it if you are looking for variable speed options, orbital action modes and LED lights all in one saw. With the 3-year warranty, you can use this jigsaw without any worries.

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6] Bosch JS470EB Best Jigsaw Review 2022 – Powerful Jigsaw for Metal Cutting Experts

Bosch JS470EB Best Jigsaw

There is no need to introduce Bosch power tools, right?

They are the best when it comes to durability and performance. This Bosch JS470EB jigsaw has been rated at 4.6 stars by all of its customers on Amazon.

When people who bought this jigsaw swear by its performance and capacity, then how can we not include it in our list of best jigsaws comparison and review 2022, right?

If you are looking for a powerful jigsaw for your heavy-duty commercial operations, then this Bosch JS470EB best jigsaw is an ideal option.

It comes with a powerful 7-amp motor, which will help you cut everything that you want. No matter if you cut a tough or soft material with it, you will never be underpowered for anything.

It will slice through sheets of metal easily.

The overall cutting capacity on softwood is 5-7/8 inches, whereas the cutting capacity on aluminum and steel sheets is 0.875 inches and 0.375 inches, respectively.

As there is a lot of cutting depth, you can actually cut several sheet soft metals if you like. Just be below the rated cutting depth, and you will face no problems at all.

Very impressive, right?

As with all the high-end jigsaw, this one also comes with a variable speed control option. You can operate this jigsaw between 500 and 3100 strokes per minute. Cutting a very dense material will no more be an issue with this best jigsaw for experts.

Another very impressive feature in this jigsaw is the constant response system, which will automatically increase or decrease the power and torque depending upon the material you are cutting.

You won’t face underpowering cutting or stalling at all.

The variable speed option can be accessed from a switch that can be pressed with the hand that is holding a trigger. You won’t have to use both of your hands to alter the speed of the blade.

There is a dust blower incorporated in this jigsaw, which will help you see the cut line clearly by preventing the dust from buildup near the blade.

You will need to use the T shank blades with this jigsaw. These blades have better grip and accuracy compared to the old fashion blades.

We all love to have our hands as close to the cutting material as possible, right?

With this best jigsaw, you will get a barrel grip which is famous for being very good for handling. The overall ergonomics of the saw will enhance the cutting experience and accuracy as well.

All the adjustments can be used with one hand on this jigsaw. The grips are rubberized and will not make your hands tired when working for long hours.

You will get the ability to make bevel cuts with this jigsaw; it will help you make bevel cuts up to 45 degrees easily, although it does not have any detents or marks.

For safety, Bosch has added a plastic overshoe, which will help you clearly see the cutting line when using the jigsaw. There is an anti-splinter insert attached as well, which will prevent the wood chips from flying.

Cool, right?

Lastly, you are going to get a one year warranty with this jigsaw.


Amperage 7
Bevel Angle Range 45°
Cutting Capacity- Soft Wood 5-7/8″
Cutting Capacity-Aluminum 0.875
Cutting Capacity-Mild Steel 0.375
Height 7.0″
Hertz 60
Length 7.0″
Max. Bevel Capacity (°) 45
Max. Bevel Cut 45°
No Load SPM 500-3,100
Stroke Length 1
Weight 5.9lb
Width 2.5″

Included in the box 0f Bosch JS470EB

  • Bosch JS470EB Jigsaw
  • Jig saw blade
  • Anti-splinter insert
  • Carrying case
  • Plastic overshoe
  • Bevel wrench
The Good
  • Very powerful motor
  • Suited for heavy-duty work
  • Variable speed control available
  • Dust blower provided
  • 4 orbital action modes
  • Constant response system
  • High customer ratings
The bad
  • No LED lights
  • No bevel detents

Our thoughts 0f Bosch JS470EB

If you want a serious jigsaw which can cut through all of the materials that you throw at it, then this Bosch jigsaw is the perfect option for you. The handling and ergonomics of this best jigsaw are really good for accuracy. It can slash though material with ease and precision. Buy it today if you need a reliable jigsaw for a long-term heavy usage.

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7] Black + Decker BDEJS600C Best Jigsaw Review 2022 – Top Rated Professional Woodworking Jigsaw

Black + Decker BDEJS600C Best Jigsaw

Are you a buyer who see the reviews before actually buying anything online?

Well, you will love this jigsaw then!

This Black + Decker best jigsaw got a rating of 4.6 stars from nearly 1,000 customers.

It is evident from the ratings and the reviews that this best rated jigsaw will provide you with the best cutting experience that you can get from a jigsaw of a price range of under $35.

This saw comes with a tool-free blade change feature. You can just use the blade release lever to quickly remove the blade from the jigsaw and change it with another blade. The best part about this feature is that you don’t have to touch the hot blade in order to remove it from the jigsaw.

Pretty cool, eh?

If you are cutting curves on the wood, then the curve cutting control feature on this best jigsaw is going to blow away your mind.

The saw is specially made to reduce the amount of wood splintering that happens when you cut opposite to the wood grains. Also, the jigsaw will cut out the smooth finish on the wood, so you will need only a little amount of sanding after the cutting.

You will have a knob on the side of the saw, which will help you change the speed of the blade to 4 different speeds.

Make sure you turn off the curve control feature when you are actually not cutting cuts.

There is a powerful 5-amp motor in this jigsaw; it will help you get an SPM of 3000 on no load. This is the best jigsaw for small projects; it will not be a lot useful when you are working on industrial or commercial heavy-duty projects.

For personal use, this best woodworking jigsaw will cut all types of plywood, wood, or metal sheets. The cutting feels smooth on this jigsaw, and the vibrations are also on the lower side.

This saw also features a variable speed option. It has trigger operated jigsaw blade speed. Meaning, pressing the trigger lightly will give you lower speeds, and pressing it all the way would give you top speed.


Another we love about this jigsaw is that it comes with a lock-on button that can be pressed when the jigsaw is running on top speed to lock it at that place. This way, you don’t have to keep your finger on the trigger to run the saw blade.

They have added a nice little double rotating adjustable shoe in this best budget jigsaw.

It will help you cut bevel cuts on both sides of the jigsaw. You can cut up to 45 degrees, and the metal bottom of the saw will help the jigsaw to be stable even when you are cutting thick wooden workpiece at an angle.

The bevel angle is held on its place with a bolt, so you don’t have to worry about it moving a lot and running your cut. Although, this would mean that you will have to stop the change the angle if you wanted. You will need an ordinary screwdriver to change it.

You are going to get a 2-year warranty on this best handheld jigsaw.



Included in the box of BDEJS600C

  • Black + Decker BDEJS600C Jigsaw
  • Jigsaw blade
The Good
  • Wire guard provided
  • 2-year warranty
  • Dust blower included
  • Can make bevel cuts on both sides
  • Compatible with U shank and T shank blades
  • Prefect for beginners
  • High ratings from buyers on Amazon
  • 4 orbital action adjustment provided
  • Excellent curve control feature available
The bad
  • No LED lights
  • No keyless bevel angle modification
  • Not suitable for heavy duty usage

Our thoughts of BDEJS600C

This is a nice little jigsaw which will be a good investment for people who are not into heavy duty cutting. If you cut stuff at home for DIY projects, then buying this best budget jigsaw would be a very good idea. It comes with handy features like 45-degree bevel cuts, dust blower, wire guard and a 2-year warranty. We say, go for it!

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8] Dewalt DW317K Best Jigsaw Review 2022 – Best Value for Money Jigsaw

Dewalt DW317K Best Jigsaw

This is one of the best jigsaws on the market in 2022. People who have a limited budget and want to spent on a jigsaw that is made by reputed manufacturer and comes with a lot of quality and performance assurance should go for this jigsaw.

Dewalt always has made a fantastic power tool, which will definitely help you out when cutting plastic, metal, or wood.

The overall package this saw offer is really good and will provide value for your money.

The Dewalt DW317K best jigsaw comes with a whole lot of neat features. This saw will help you cut anything you like with ease and precision.

No matter if you are cutting straight lines or cutting in curves, it will help you outdo it efficiently with any fuss.

This saw has a variable speed control feature, which will make the blade speed go from 0 strokes per minute all the way to 3100 SPM.

When cutting different types of materials with different density, you will need to tweak the cutting speed as well. Making changes in the cutting speed is very important to keep the jigsaw in control and achieve good cut accuracy.

The overall stroke length on this best budget jigsaw is 1 inch, which is enough for cutting all kinds of metal sheets and wood.

Easy, eh?

You will get a 5.5-amp motor in this jigsaw, which will help you cut efficiently. Although this is not a very high-powered motor, so be careful not to cut very thick chunks of wood or metal. This saw is suited for personal DIY usage only.

Using this saw for industrial or commercial purposes under heavy loads will damage it.

There is a special four orbital action mode on this jigsaw as well. This feature comes in handy when you want to be more aggressive in cutting or be mild and slow for precision.

You can even use the shoe bevel on this best jigsaw to make bevel cuts from 0 to 45 degrees.

We love the tool-less blade replace feature on this best jigsaw for beginners. You can change the blade very quickly and easily by using the blade release feature.

The overall weight of this jigsaw is only 6.3 pounds, which makes using it for long stretches very convenient. Even if you work on the jigsaw for hours on end, your hand won’t feel too much fatigued.

The weight of the jigsaw might be just a little higher than other brands, but with the increase in weight, you also get a better jigsaw made with metal components, which will surely last longer than the plastic ones.

The stroke length of the blade is 1 inch, which will help you cut pretty much all types of things.

As with all the Dewalt power tools, this one also comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee and free 1-year service as well.

Lastly, you are also getting a massive 3-year warranty cover for the jigsaw.



Included in the box of Dewalt DW317K

  • Dewalt DW317K Jigsaw
  • Jigsaw Blade
  • Contractor carry bag
The Good
  • 3-year warranty
  • 1 year of free service
  • Excellent quality components
  • Reputed manufacturer
  • Variable speed control
  • 4 orbital actions
  • Keyless blade clamp
  • Excellent customer ratings
The bad
  • No LED lights
  • No dust blower
  • A little heavier than other brands

Our thoughts of Dewalt DW317K

Dewalt jigsaws are some of the best ones out there. As this jigsaw is made out of a lot of metal component, it is going to last you for years. It also comes with all the power for cutting metal, plastic or wood. With the 3-year warranty and a 1-year free service warranty, there is nothing to worry about when buying this best jigsaw for yourself.

Get The Best Price on Amazon

9] WEN 3602 Best Jigsaw Review 2022 – 6 Amp Best Professional Jigsaw with Excellent Ratings

WEN 3602 Best Jigsaw Review

WEN 3602 is one of the most affordable corded jigsaws on the market in 2022.

This jigsaw comes with a 6-amp motor, which will be more than enough for a beginner or a casual DIY person. It will help you cut metal sheers, plastic, and wood.

If you have a wooden block of 4 inches of thickness, then this jigsaw will easily and efficiently slice through it without getting under strain.

You are going to get a variable speed controller in this jigsaw with which you can cut different materials wit different cutting speeds.

The lowest stroke per minute speed you can go on this saw is 800, and the highest is 3000 SPM. 3000 SPM will be more than enough for cutting all kinds of materials with different densities.

Although it is an entry-level woodworking jigsaw, buying this jigsaw will definitely be a good investment on your part.

Buy it from Amazon!

It also has different orbital action of the jigsaw blade. The orbital actions will help you fine-tune your cutting operations.

You can cut a metal sheet of thickness 3/8 inches with this jigsaw. Make sure to choose a lower speed for denser objects like metals. Lower speed will provide you good control over the blade.

The jigsaw has a very low weight and is very portable because of the compact size. It offers a D handle on the top, which will help you keep the saw in control when cutting. The grip on the handle is very comfortable to hold.

The grip also has rubberized material on it in order to make it comfortable for your hands to operate the jigsaw for a long period of time.

You can even use the lock-on the switch to lock the speed of the blade. This lock-on the switch will allow you to remove your finger from the trigger while cutting long pieces of wood.

The two blades that are provided in the pack can be used for cutting both wood and metal. Another great addition to the best jigsaw is the dust port. It will remove all the dust near the blade so that you can see the cutting clearly.

You can bevel the footplate on both directions up to 45 degrees. Also, they have added a tool-less blade replacement as well.

Lastly, you will get a 2-year warranty on this best budget jigsaw.



Included in the box of WEN 3602

  • WEN 3602 Jigsaw
  • 2 X Jigsaw Blades
The Good
  • Lightweight and compact
  • 2-year warranty
  • Variable speed control
  • Tool-free blade replacement feature
  • Dust port available
  • Bi-directional bevel
  • Lock on button for trigger free operation
  • 2 free blades provided in the pack
The bad
  • No LED lights
  • Not suitable for heavy duty cutting

Our thoughts of WEN 3602

If you are looking for something innovative and cool looking, then this WEN jigsaw is one of the best jigsaws on the market right now. It is very affordable and comes with a 2-year warranty as well. It will cut metals, plastic, softwood and hardwood. But it today from amazon!

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10] Makita 4329K Best Jigsaw Review 2022 – Perfect Jigsaw for First Timers

Makita 4329K Best Jigsaw Review

Looking for a cute little jigsaw that can fit anywhere and can be transported everywhere with you?

Well, this Makita 4329K jigsaw does just that!

The overall dimensions of this jigsaw are 3.03 X 8.54 X 7.76 inches. The weight of the jigsaw is only 4.2 pounds, which makes it one of the lightest jigsaws on the market in 2022.

Your arms are not going to hurt at all if you use this best handheld jigsaw for long hours. The cord of the jigsaw is also very long, so you can have more mobility when using it.

The motor on the jigsaw is 3.9 amps, which we think is not suitable for heavy-duty usage. Although, if you are a casual wood or metal cutter or someone who uses the jigsaw only for DIY purposes only, then it will be enough for you.

The jigsaw comes with three orbital actions as well, which will give you a better versatility when cutting materials with different densities.

Additionally, you are also going to be able to make bevel cuts on the left and the right of the blade for up to 45 degrees.

The speed of this jigsaw can go from 500 strokes per minute, all the way to 3100 strokes per minute, with the help of variable speed features.

The length of the cutting stroke in this best woodworking jigsaw will be 11/16 inches. The maximum cutting capacity for cutting wood and cutting metal is 2-9/16 inches and ¼ inches, respectively.

Lastly, you will be getting a 1-year warranty on this jigsaw.


AMPS 3.9
Blade Shank T Tang
Length of Stroke 11/16″
Max. Cutting Capacity at 90° (steel) 1/4″
Max. Cutting Capacity at 90° (wood) 2-9/16″
Net Weight 4.2 lbs.
Orbital settings Yes
Overall Length 8-7/8″
Power Type Corded
Shipping Weight 7.7 lbs.
Strokes Per Minute (variable speed) 500 – 3,100 SPM
Variable speed control dial Yes

Included in the box of Makita 4329K

  • Makita 4329K Jigsaw
  • Hex Wrench
  • Tool Case
  • 4-1/8 Inch 9TPI Jigsaw Blade
The Good
  • Lock on button for trigger free cutting
  • 3 different orbital actions
  • Dust port available
  • Counter-weight balancing system for less vibrations
  • Variable speed control dial provided
  • Base made of aluminum
The bad
  • The blade replacement is not tool free on this jigsaw.
  • No LED lights.

Our thoughts of Makita 4329K

Makita is a well-known name in the power tools industry. All of their tools are made of high quality and last for years, if not decades. This jigsaw is also one of the best ones that you can buy out there. It comes with all the latest features and accessories. With this jigsaw, you won’t have to worry about cutting that metal sheets or wood that you have been planning for so long!

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Buyers’ Guide

What can a jigsaw do?

Have you seen simple hand saws? They are generally used for simple cutting operations.

Jigsaws, on the other hand, is an expert tool that can cut curved lines as well. The best handheld jigsaws can help you cut both straight and curved cuts with perfect precision.

You can even do beveling with jigsaws. Other usage includes plunge cuts and any kind of custom shape that you are willing to carry out on the workpiece.

The best woodworking jigsaws can not only cut wood, but they can even be used on tiles, metal, and plastic. It is a very compact and highly versatile tool.

How to use a jigsaw in a safe manner?

There is a motor inside a jigsaw which is connected with various kinds of gears. These gears are then connected to a small blade which motions up and down when the jigsaw is turned on. The blade generally cuts when it moves up and in contact with the workpiece.

Using a jigsaw is very simple, even for complete beginners. Just by watching a simple video, one can learn to use a jigsaw effectively.

Which are the two types of jigsaws?

If you go out in the market looking at the best jigsaw, you will encounter two types of jigsaws. We have laid out a little explanation on both of them in the points below.

Straight Reciprocating Jigsaw

This is just a basic saw or a standard saw. This saw cuts by moving the blade up and down quickly. It is mostly used to cut wood and is very precise.

It will cut the wood and other materials with ease. They are often cheaper than their counterparts.

Orbital Jigsaw

Unlike the simple up and down motion of the straight reciprocating jigsaws, orbital jigsaws have two types of motion combined together.

The blade of an orbital jigsaw moves up and down along with moving in the front and the back as well. This kind of motion of the blade creates a lot of pressure and power for cutting material.

If you have hard materials to cut, then orbital jigsaws are the best-suited choice. This kind of saw also removes all the debris on its own as well, which tends to increase the cut speed as well.

Should you buy a corded jigsaw or a cordless jigsaw?

People who operate power tools might already know that the mobility of the tool is a very important thing. As the names suggest, some jigsaws are wireless and operate on batteries, whereas their counterparts work with electricity directly from the outlet.

The obvious difference between them is mobility. Corded jigsaws can be used anywhere you like, regardless of the electrical outlet. This increases your ability to cut stuff up in remote places.

On the other hand, the corded jigsaws will always need a power outlet to work with. The benefit of a corded jigsaw is that you don’t have to worry about charging the battery at all. Plus, the best corded jigsaws have more power in them compared to the best cordless jigsaws.

The corded jigsaws are also lighter than the cordless jigsaws ones.

So ultimately, it depends on your choice. If you prefer the freedom of movement, then you can go for a cordless jigsaw. In that situation, be prepared to keep the jigsaw charged and finish your work before it runs out of battery.

How to cut using a jigsaw?

You can cut various types of material with a jigsaw. In the following point, we will give you tips on a safe way to cut metal, wood, and tiles.

Cutting Tiles

If you don’t want to buy the best tile saws, then you can do some tile cutting with your jigsaw as well.

When you use a jigsaw to cut tiles, you are going to have less breakage because of its ability for faster cutting, better shapes, and cutouts. You will have to buy a new toothless carbide cutting blade.

This blade is specially designed to cut tiles only. Once you attach this blade to your jigsaw, you just need to start cutting tiles.

One thing you can do to prevent any scratches on the tile because of the rubbing of the shoe head is to apply masking tape on it so that there is no marring on the tile.

After that, you will have to clamp the tile down, so it does not move. Now you just have to press down on the jigsaw and the tile to minimize the vibrations.

If you are cutting a thick tile, then lubricating the blade with oil will prove very beneficial. When cutting thing tiles, you can just keep spraying water on the blade as we do in the wet tile cutters.

Not that hard, right?

Cutting Wood

Cutting curved and straight lines on wood is an area where the jigsaw excels. You just have to place the shoe head of the jigsaw onto the wood surface and apply a little pressure on it.

Once your saw is started, you can just follow your cut line while pressing the trigger, and you will be cutting like a pro in no time at all.

One thing that people tend to wrong is that they force the jigsaw toward the wood, which is not the right way of cutting wood with a jigsaw. You have to keep the workload on the machine, trying to push into the wood will put a lot of strain on the motor.

When you are doing curved cuts, you can perform relief cuts first to cut out big chunks of wood. Once you have removed the chunks, the mobility of the jigsaw will increase, and it will cut more efficiently.

Now, when you are making a plunge cut, you have to keep the blade and the surface of the wood parallel. After that, you can press the trigger all the way and start leaning the blade onto the wood surface slowly. Making a hole will a drill fist will help the jigsaw blade to stab the wood surface properly.

Easy-peasy, right!

When it comes to the blade for woodworking, you have a wide variety of options to choose from. You can either get coarse blades or very fine ones.

A fine cutting blade will help you get a very fine and smoother finish on the cut surface. Although, they tend to be slower at cutting than the coarse blades.

On the other hand, the coarser blades are used when you don’t have to worry about the finish of the wood after cutting. They will give you a quicker cutting time but very rough edges, which would need sanding to make then fine and smooth.

Cutting metal

You can cut thin metal pipes, sheet metal, mild steel, nails, and aluminum with a jigsaw. It’s important to replace the stock blade with a metal cutting blade before you head on to cutting metal with a jigsaw.

Generally, people use a fine blade with Tooth per inch of 21 to 24 for cutting sheets of metal.

To cut metal sheets, you have to sandwich the metal sheet between to plywood sheets. Then you have to make a drill hole to start your cutting. The hole should be outside of your cutting line; then, you can proceed to cut the sheet.

Not keeping the metal sheet between two sheets of plywood may tear the metal sheet and ruin your workpiece. You can carry out buff-free cuts with this method.

When cutting thicker things like metal pipes, having a lower speed of the blade will help you be in control and will give you better cutting precision. For thin things, higher speed will be ok.

What kind of blades should I use?

When you cut different types of material with your best jigsaw, you will need different blades. Cutting everything from a single blade will result in loss of money and maybe damages to the workpiece and saw as well.

Check out the list below to get a quick idea of types of blades for various materials.

  • Plastic: for cutting plastic, you will need a blade, which is fine. A metal cutting blade will do a great job of cutting plastic as well. This kind of blade will be made out of carbon steel or some other bi-metal, which are a little costlier than other blades. Use lower speeds to cut plastic. Higher speeds can generate heat and damage the plastic workpiece.
  • Kitchen Worktop: Jigsaw is the perfect tool to cut your kitchen countertops and similar things. You will need to install a laminate cutting blade into your jigsaw. The ratio of teeth per inch should be around 8. As these blades are made from bimetals or high carbon steel, they are super strong and a bit expensive.
But what about laminates?
  • Laminate Flooring: you can either use a multipurpose blade or a blade that is specifically made for cutting laminates. These high strength blades will work better than carbide ones. Bi-metal and high carbon steel blade cut laminates without chipping or damaging anything. You will need teeth per inch ratio of between 10 to 20 for cutting all kinds of laminate floorings.
  • Metal: as we said earlier in the section above, you will need a metal cutting blade with teeth per inch ratio of 21 to 24.
  • Wood: most of the time, people use jigsaws to cut wood. You can get a special steel carbide blade for cutting wood. The TFI can be very different depending upon the quality of the cuts you need. A coarse blade will give you faster cuts with rough edges as compared to slower cuts and polished edges on a finer blade.

Important Features of the Best Jigsaw 2022

There are so many things that you should know before you go on and buy the best jigsaw for yourself. The following is a list of things that you should consider before making a choice.


Any shopping will start with deciding a budget, right?

Buying the best jigsaw is not very expensive. You can get so many different kinds of the best handheld jigsaw for woodworking at affordable rates. Although we would suggest, you buy jigsaws which have good ratings.

Simply going for the cheapest option on the market is not the right way to get a reliable and durable machine.


There are various different options available on the market ranging from 4 amps to 7 amps power. For general use, 5-amp power will be enough for cutting all kinds of materials.

If you are doing heavy-duty work with the jigsaw, then you might want to go for higher-powered jigsaws.


The speed of the blade is a very important aspect of cutting. The strokes per minute or SPM of any jigsaw will tell you about its speed of cutting.

Generally, all of the best jigsaws have a speed of 3000 SPM.

If you are buying the best jigsaw for heavy professional work, then you should go for a jigsaw which offers variable speed control as a feature. Cutting thin material with high speed is okay, but you should lower the speed of the jigsaw when cutting thick material like pipes to prevent damage and get more control.

The high-end best jigsaw on the market will give you 4 to 7 variable speeds options.

Length of Stroke

Stroke length is the amount of length the blade travels vertically. On average, the stroke length in jigsaws can be between 18 mm to 26 mm.

If you get a stroke length of 5/8 inches, then it is considered good. Higher stroke length will enable you to cut thick materials.

The main difference between shorter and longer stroke length is that the short-stroke length will give you a smoother cut, and it will produce lower vibrations compared to the counterpart.  However, the short-stroke length will not be able to cut denser materials with the same ease.


The amount of vibration a jigsaw produces will play an important role in giving you smooth cuts. If there is too much vibration, then it will affect accuracy as well. No one wants uneven cutting lines, right?

Check if the jigsaw has anti-vibration technology in it. You will need this feature if you are going to work in a fine/precision workpiece.

Sole Plate

You can get jigsaws with two kinds of sole plates, i.e., steel plates and cast aluminum plate.

If you want something that will last you a long time, then you should opt for a cast aluminum plate. The downside of this plate is that it is heavier than the steel plate and is also expensive as well.

However, the steel soleplate is not expensive and is light in weight, so you won’t get fatigued when handling the jigsaw. The downside of a steel plate is that it is more prone to breaking if you drop it on the floor compared to the aluminum one.

So, this will depend on your preference; if you are ok with a little more weight, then we would suggest going with the aluminum as it will last you for a long time.

Handle style

The handle style is an important feature of any jigsaw because you are going to operate and control the saw with it.

You can get either a barrel handle jigsaw or a D handle jigsaw.

The barrel handle jigsaw is quite easy to grip onto and will help you cut clean. Whereas, it is not more comfortable than the D handle. D handle jigsaw will be extremely comfortable in operation, and it will also give you more maneuverability. The only downside to a D handle jigsaw is that it is hard to control when making straight cuts.


Teeth per inch also play an important role in cutting. The number of teeth your blade has will ensure if you enjoy the cutting operation or you cut miserably.

If you are going to cut soft materials like paper, wood, fibers, etc., then you should use a lower TPI blade. The lower TPI blade will have 20 to 30 teeth on it.

On the other hand, if you are into cutting metal, ceramics, and steel, then you will need a higher TPI blade. A higher TPI blade will be slower in cutting, but it will give you more refined and precise cuts.

Blade Replacement

If you are a heavy-duty cutter, then you will need to buy a jigsaw with a quick blade change feature. We don’t want to waste time on remove complex parts of the jigsaw to remove the blade, right?

A quick-release blade feature is a must for any jigsaw.


You are going to be working with the best handheld jigsaw for a long time, so you want the jigsaw to be light enough. Handling heavy jigsaw will make your hands sore very quickly.

The pain of using a jigsaw will also be seen the next day in hands and shoulders, so the lighter the saw, the better it is.

Other miscellaneous features to check out in the best jigsaw:

  • Lock-on the feature: if you are running the jigsaw for a long period, then you will be tired of pressing the trigger. Instead, some manufacturers have incorporated lock-on buttons in their saw, which will keep the saw ON without pressing the trigger.
  • Laser: if you want perfection in cutting operation, then buy a jigsaw with a laser marker. It will help you a lot with straight cutting.
  • LED light: if you are working in a relatively darker environment, then having a jigsaw with its own illumination is beneficial.

Expert Tips for Jigsaw Usage

The following is a list of tips that might help you a lot when choosing the best jigsaw for yourself.

  • If you are going to be using the best handheld jigsaw for a long time during the work shift, then it would be very wise to buy a jigsaw that has anti-vibration features in it. Buying that kind of jigsaw will save your hands from getting fatigued when working in long shifts.
  • If you are a professional who works very quickly with the best professional jigsaws, then you should buy a jigsaw which can support orbital actions. Orbital action jigsaws will enable you to move your hand faster and will also give you a superior fin quality cut.
  • Buying a jigsaw with a D handle or a barrel grip is a sure shot way to give more comfort to your hands while working with a jigsaw. These designs tend to prevent cramping in your hands that happens when you work on jigsaw for long hours. You can even get jigsaw with cushioning on the grip.
Wait! There’s more…
  • Depending upon the application and your usage needs, you should see either op for the best cordless jigsaw or a corded one. Corded jigsaws are better in every way compared to a wireless jigsaw, except the limitation in free movement around the work area.
  • People who are into craft cuts and scroll cuts should buy a jigsaw with steering controls and auxiliary handles.
  • While you work on wood with your best handheld jigsaw, there is going to be a lot of dust generates. So, having a jigsaw with dust collection capability will undoubtedly help you reduce the mess on the floor and in the air.
  • Buying a jigsaw that has dual bevel will surely enhance your cutting abilities. Angle cutting without actually moving the workpiece is really cool and very time-saving.
  • Nowadays, they have started adding laser markers on the best jigsaw models. Having a laser marker on the cutting area will surely help you cut with accuracy and ease. These best handheld jigsaws are particularly good when you have to make long and straight cuts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sharpen my saw blade?

In a general sense, you can sharpen all kinds of metal, right? But the point here is, is it worth sharpening a saw blade?

Our answer to that is no. Most of the people who use jigsaws can easily afford a new blade because they are not that expensive. Sharpening a dull saw blade will require a lot of technical knowledge and tools which might not be worth it at the end, though.

Should I use an extension cord?

All extension cords are different and have a different amp rating. Make sure your extension cord can sustain the amp’s power needed by the jigsaw.

If the power is lower than what the jigsaw needs, then you can run a risk of lowering the lifespan of the saw. The jigsaw will not perform at its full capacity if the power is not reached to it. Buy a branded quality extension and see if it can sustain on the power level of your jigsaw, and you will be good to go.

Which brands make the best jigsaws?

This will entirely depend upon the perspective. But from our perspective, we think the following list of brands makes some of the best power tools in the industry. Please note that the list is not rank wise; it a random list.

  • Dewalt
  • Hitachi
  • Black and Decker
  • Bosch
  • Makita
  • Porter-Cable

Any safety tips?

Well, we are always happy to preach about safety. It might be a boring topic, but it saves lives on a daily basis.

  • At all times, make sure you know where the cord of jigsaw is. Do not trip on it, and do not cut it accidentally.
  • It’s rare to get a kickback from a jigsaw, but it can happen. So be careful.
  • Always use a sharp blade, do not be greedy, and keep on using a blade that is very dull. Just buy a new one!
  • After using the saw, the blade is going to be very hot. So, if you exchange the blade mid-operation, then give the blade time to cool off before you lay your fingers on it.
  • We cannot stress this more – always remove the plug of the saw from the outlet whenever you are not cutting.
  • Do not start cutting a workpiece that is not clamped down properly. One hand on the saw and another holding the workpiece does not end well.
  • Always wear proper safety gloves and eye protection.

Last Words

Well, you have reached the end of this post.

Good job reading through it! We are sure you know a lot about the best jigsaw now.

We listed the TOP 10 best jigsaws for you, these are the most rated and sold jigsaws on the market in 2022. All of them are great choices when it comes to machines that make our life easy.

You can buy any jigsaw out of the 10, whichever suits your needs and requirements.

Although, if you ask us to recommend something, we will go with the Bosch Power Tools JS470E Jigsaw.

This is the best jigsaw out of all 10, as per our liking. It comes with everything that you will need at your work or at home.

The jigsaw has almost no vibrations when cutting, and it also comes with a nice warranty safety as well. So, you can buy it without worry and start your cutting operations and building stuff!

Have a nice day, and we hope we helped you learn new things about jigsaws.

If you need help without anything at all, give us a shoutout in the comments below, and we will be answering all your queries and questions as soon as possible.

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