Bosch PS31-2A Review – Must read before buying!

What’s essential while purchasing a powerful drill kit is getting a trustworthy brand. Here you will discover a Bosch PS31-2A review that will assure you to make your purchase decision.

Bosch has been producing tools used in stores and homes for a very long time. This well-known brand makes equipment that is suitable for specialists and homeowners alike, including beastly tiny machines like the Bosch PS31-2A.

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The role of reviews and analysis cannot be neglected while promoting the tools, and thus this Bosch PS31-2A review focuses primarily on the product’s core functions.

Small and attractive but reliable and unexpectedly durable, the Bosch range of power drills truly conveys new meaning to the world of powerful tools.

With the innovative layout, sturdy quality and absolute efficiency in drilling capacity, adaptability and flexibility, Bosch drill devices have a lot more than they seem to be able to.

Bosch PS31-2A review in 2022

Bosch PS31-2A is a tool that comes with the hold of a high profile design that comes with the definition of power as well as glam.

It has the tactics of submitting to the elegance that is of the manufacturer’s specifications.

Bosch has fulfilled it with the specific details that have made the quality of the product a top-ranking one among most of its opponents.

Let’s explore the Bosch PS31-2A review (12V, 3/8 Inch, Two Speed Driver, Cordless Drill Set) and observe how it differs from other drills in the market.

We are going to take a look at its product description, unique specialties, technical specifications, pros and cons, conclusion, and FAQs.


Bosch PS31-2A kit
Bosch PS31-2A drill driver kit

Bosch’s new generation of compact lithium-ion cordless tools grants more speed, extra power, greater convenience, and small packages with extremely lightweight functionality.

The drill kit comes with two batteries, the drill, a Bosch bag, and a fast charger.

The Bosch 12V battery drill set offers two 12V Lithium-Ion batteries to give expanded runtime.

The two batteries are outstanding because you can leave one on the charger and interchange it out when it runs out.

The fuel gauge is conveniently placed on the side of the tool for easy battery management.

Bosch has built a drill/driver that is 22-percent more compressed, which has 25-percent more energy and can function up to 15-percent faster than ever before.

Ease of Use

Bosch PS31-2A ease of use
Bosch PS31-2A easy to handle drill

It has been given visibility with its high powered LED lights that can lit up any time, even in the remotest corner with extreme darkness, to help the workers work with a better view.

The cordless drill/driver holds integrated LED lights for improved clarity, allowing you to work anywhere, anytime, even in shady corners and low-light areas.

It is implemented with a particular head length that is only 7 inches, which promotes more possibilities reaching to the right places.

It comes with a handle to operate, which makes the work much comfortable. The grip has been made quite firm and strong and utterly fitting to the hands.

It has been minutely made out with the technologically tested tools and designs to present the users with a sense of the quality of working on a drill machine that is almost not common in most of the devices.


Bosch PS31-2A design
Bosch PS31-2A design

The product of Bosch PS31-2A comes with the finesse of the Bosch accurate designs that are being set up in the framing up of the product.

It has been implanted with a stylish body design that weighs light enough to manage various dense as well as small duty functioning wherever required.

It makes the user feel light to run the drill machine to carry out their required piece of work.

The product, Bosch PS31-A, is being glorified with the cordless look that makes the product more preferable among the busy experts, especially those who always look for simple tools without many complexities, and this product is the one of a kind.

Power & Speed

Bosch PS31-2A
Bosch PS31-2A drill driver

The powerful revolution and the availability of two-speed settings allow the Bosch PS31-2A power drill to handle demands on materials such as drywall, wood, and even metal.

This cordless drill driver combo has two speeds (0-350 RPM and 0-1,300 RPM) and 20+1 clutch settings, allowing you to make accurate torque adjustments for precise screw driving and drilling.

I don’t think you’ll have a problem with battery life unless you’re doing intense drilling. Battery should remain at least an entire day of light usage and 4 hours of heavy use.

The rapid charger included with this drill charges the battery to full in only 30 minutes. There shouldn’t be any complications regarding battery life in this drill.

With the fuel gauge settled on the side of the tool, you can easily control the life of the machine. The first gear RPM extends from 0 to 350. The second gear of RPM ranges from 0 to 1,300. The max torque is 265-inches-per-pounds. The length of this tool is 7 inches, whereas it weighs 2.14 pounds.

Drill Options

It has been implemented with the unique capacity of making precise cuts that are supported by the smart length of its head that can make it reach the most challenging corner with complete ease.

The Bosch PS31-2A Kit is a 12-volt tool which is a combination of cordless drilling and cutting convenience.

The unit includes the PS31 12V Max with professional-grade potential at an amazingly lightweight.

Working Area

It comes with the means of providing users with a better workplace that is lit enough to work with adequate visibility.

It also helps a great deal to anticipate a lot of disasters that may occur if there is less visibility in the field.

The pistol grip holder is soft, and the large trigger assures you won’t miss your target. There is a combined LED light that would help in that regard by brightening your work area.

Bosch picked a three-jaw chuck with a single-sleeve and no key. While it’s fast and efficient, it’s not made from metal so that it won’t hold up over time. It does have an auto-lock feature, however. The chuck allows bits up to 3/8″ in size which is standard for drills of this size and power.

Weight and Portability

The Bosch PS31-2A is outlined low weighted as with only 2 pounds, making it easily transportable.

Though coming with a length of 7 inches and weighing 2 lbs, the Bosch PS31-2A drill /driver is one of the lightest tools in its kind.

The PS31-2A has professional-grade strength at an exceptionally lightweight of just over two pounds.

Most specialists love to work with this lightweight drill in the field for accuracy in their work.

Explore more exciting features from this Bosch PS31-2A review to make the perfect buying decision.


The lightweight and small figure of the Bosch PS31-2A update handling and comfort when working nearby corners or restrained areas.

And for a better experience, it has smooth edges and soft-drip that is convenient to the hand, and LED light that glows in the dark areas.


It has its modifications and skills that separate them from other devices. Bosch’s ProVantage warranty supports the Bosch 12-volt max drill/driver.

The first-year guarantees a tool replacement, and the second and third year combine the free tool repair agreement. The machine is under warranty for three years and the batteries for two years.

Drilling Capacity

Bosch’s PS31-2A can be used mutually with an 18V drill. It lacks the capacity, size, and power to be used in high-torque or heavy-duty utilization, but it breaks through smaller holes while it can be used for most screw driving applications as well.

It offers sufficient control to be used on small or delicate finish fasteners as well.

The performance-to-weight ratio makes this tool an outstanding resolution for electricians, plumbers, or contractors who do a great deal of over the head drilling or driving.

What’s in the box?

  • PS31 12V Max 3/8 In. Drill/Driver – 1
  • 12V Max Lithium-Ion 2.0 Ah Batteries -2
  • 12V Max Charger – 1
  • Screwdriver Bits – 2
  • Carrying case – 1

Specification Sheet

Item model number PS31-2A
Item Weight 4.73 pounds
Package Dimensions 12.8 x 9.8 x 3.9 inches
Style 12V Drill-Driver
Power Source Battery Powered
Voltage 12 volts
Batteries 2 Lithium ion batteries
Special Features variable-speed
Light LED light 2nd gen + batt indicator
RPM 0-350 / 0-1300
Clutch 20+1
Warranty Description 30-Day Money Back Guarantee – 1 year warranty
California residents Click here for Proposition 65 warning
Certification certified frustration-free

Pros and Cons

Attractive features?
  • Cordless, compact, and powerful.
  • Better stability of the tool.
  • Strong body built up.
  • Long-lasting battery life.
  • High-quality material.
  • Satisfactory work from attachments.
  • 265 in-lb torque.
  • Two-speed settings up to 1350 rpm.
  • 20 torque adjustment settings.
  • Includes two 12V lithium-ion batteries.
  • LED lights for greater accuracy.
What's missing?
  • Difficult to adjust.
  • The absence of straps.
  • Low torque.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1- Can we leave the battery in the charger after it’s charged or will it damage the battery?

A: It’s better to remove the battery when recharged to maintain good battery life.

2 – What kind of carry bag does it come with?

A: The drill and its kit comes with a sturdy plastic hinged bag that holds everything in one place.

3 – Does it work with a hex (Allen) bit?

A: It will work with hex bits, but a bit adapter is preferable to ease the process.

Final Verdict

This particularity of its potential makes the product a versatile and portable tool. It comes with the hassle of maintaining neither cord nor any fuel. Therefore this is the jewel that has been added to heighten the specific measures of the drill.

The product adjusts on the grounds of its torque intensity, which the manufacturer requires to look into to manage the status. It is a product to be advised to everyone to check out for its specialties.

This analytical outline of the Bosch PS31-2a review would be helpful to you if you have uncertainty regarding the product. You get to know the product better with all the required information and can make a final take on the pick.

After using PS31-2A for a few projects, your impression of the tools will be even better than expected!

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