DEWALT DCD777C2 Review – What To Expect From Compact Drill Driver?

If you are on the lookout for a product that will cater to the skill level of a DIY amateur, then this DEWALT DCD777C2 Review might stimulate your interest. 

This compact, lightweight device can take a wide range of applications and stars A2-speed transmission and single sleeve ratcheting chuck.

It has a high-speed mechanism and a modification of speed settings, which involves two-speed parameters at a speed of both 1750 Rpm and 0-50 Rpm. The drill also highlights a suitable single sleeve half-inch ratcheting chuck and carbide insertion.

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DEWALT DCD777C2, Does it reliable?

DEWALT DCD777C2-Compact Drill Driver

A lot of tool buffs appreciates brushless motors since it works excellently and operates cooler compared to other motors types.

The DEWALT 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless Brushless Compact Drill/Driver is intended to provide high-performance. The brushless motor that gives 340 unit watts out (UWO) and up to 57% more runtime over brushed motors.

This machine has been made to be convenient and to maintain all kinds of drilling tasks. The DeWalt DCD777C2 is manufactured from quality materials that are both long-lasting and strong enough to bring out any given task.

We’ll have a look at its product description, special features, technical specifications, pros and cons, conclusion, and FAQs.

Assembly of DEWALT DCD777C2

Dewalt DCD777C2
Dewalt DCD777C2 drill driver

The DCD777C2 case comes with almost everything you require to get started, including two lithium-ion batteries, a compact charger, and a convenient kit bag to store everything together while not in use.

The only thing you’ll need to unite is a variety of drill bits or insert bits, and you’re ready to roll!

This driver and drill kit is handy and works to provide a lot of energy and speed.


Ease of Use of DEWALT DCD777C2

The LED light makes your task easy by increasing visibility in dark or confined spaces. The high-speed transmission presents 2-Speed variations, which allows you to choose the level of performance required for multiple applications.

This design features a flexible torque mechanism to make it easier to manage. You can customize this by spinning the torque adjustment collar at the front of the drill driver’s frame. 

The DCD777C2 comes with 15 clutch settings, and the higher the number you select, the higher the torque will give the result.

Design of DEWALT DCD777C2

Dewalt DCD777C2
Compact and ergonomic design of Dewalt DCD777C2

The design is ergonomic and Lightweight. This tool weighs only 2.6 pounds. The compact design fits into confined areas. 

Comfortable grip and handle provide perfect balance and device control. 1/2″ Single sleeve ratcheting chuck gives tight bit gripping power.

This model is meant for the following purposes: 

Assembling furniture, drilling holes (typically into the wood, drywall, and lighter metals. It probably won’t work on hard material such as concrete), driving fasteners, loosening fixings, rotating polishing bits and sanding bits.

Power & Speed of DEWALT DCD777C2

While there are strong and ultra-powerful drills out there, this has sufficient energy to finish your tasks. 

The two gears the unit comes with are 500 RPM and 1750 RPM. You also get to use it with a changeable trigger for more comprehensive control of the tool.

The brushless motor has longer motor life and 30 percent more runtime than brushed motors.

A high-performance motor transmits 340 unit watts out (UWO) of power capacity performing a wide range of applications.

Working Area of DEWALT DCD777C2

Dewalt DCD777C2
Dewalt DCD777C2 with built-in LED

The drill/driver can perform with a wide range of utilization to help you control through the hardest of jobs.

It is more effective than brushed motors. When you manage it with a light load, it draws less power. 

The first thing you need to have in mind is to keep the work area clean and well lighted. Do not use power tools in critical atmospheres, such as in the closeness of flammable liquids, gases, or dust. 


Weight and Portability of DEWALT DCD777C2

The design of this model is compact (7.52″ front to back) and lightweight.

DEWALT has put effort into ensuring the satisfaction of the client while using the drill/driver.

It isn’t a struggle to use the tool because of the lightweight design and the ergonomic comfort grip which helps to give superior balance and tool administration during more fiddly tasks.

Artisans also liked how lightweight and small the DeWalt DWS709 is as it makes it effortless to carry and store it when not in use.

Safety of DEWALT DCD777C2

For protection, the product carries a 20-second shutoff delay that won’t pose threats to the life of the model’s lithium batteries.

Do you have problems with the light in your shop? No issues. This model contains an LED light installed underneath the barrel so you can see precisely what you are working on.

The flashlight stays on for a stable 10 seconds, followed by a trigger release. This lets users strike the trigger to set the light working, line a bit of a screw and continue with the work.

Warranty of DEWALT DCD777C2

While you could easily pick up this excellent drill/driver at your local hardware, we always suggest ordering through for the best price. Plus, you will also get the best return policy from the same platform.

Generally, DeWalt Tools presents a substantial warranty complete with a 3-month money-back guarantee

It does have a one-year service agreement along with a 3-year limited warranty.

Drill Capacity of DEWALT DCD777C2

Dewalt DCD777C2
Dewalt DCD777C2 – Brushless drill/driver combo kit

Though it has a sturdy and efficient body, however, it does have a shortcoming; the device comes with a chuck made of plastic

The plastic for this chuck does not hold a rather long-lasting feel which seems out of place in such a dominant drill. Plus, it sometimes slackens, so the bit falls off, and this can be trouble while completing assignments.

You can modify the drill driver’s speed to better suit whichever task you’re operating, all thanks to the changeable speed control built into the trigger mechanism. 

The harder you press, the faster the output RPM will be, and once you let go, the brake punches in to stop the chuck rotating rapidly.

What’s in the box of DEWALT DCD777C2

  • DCD777 Compact Brushless Drill/Driver
  • Li-ion Batteries
  • Charger
  • Kit Bag

Specification Sheet

Model Number DCD777C2
Item Weight 2.6 pounds
Product Dimensions 12.5 x 3.8 x 9.8 inches
Batteries 2 Lithium ion batteries
Color Yellow/Black
Style Brushless Drill/Driver Combo Kit
Material Other
Power Source battery-powered
Voltage 20 volts
Wattage 200 watts
Torque 500 in-lb
Measurement System Metric
Included Components Compact Drill Driver
California residents Click here for Proposition 65 warning

Pros and Cons

Attractive features?
  • Compact size
  • Easy to carry
  • Brushless motor
  • Two lithium-ion batteries
  • Built-in LED light with a 20-second trigger release
  • Variable speed feature
  • Powerful torque output of 500 in-lbs
  • Flexible for larger size
What's missing?
  • Loose chuck at certain times
  • The chuck is made from plastic
  • Cannot function as a hammer drill

Final Verdict

In case you are looking for a product that is easy to work with yet sturdy enough for an expert, Dewalt’s DCD777C2 will do the task.

It does not have more amount of bells and whistles on it like the present ones, high-tech drills the market is filled with. However, it has excellent features and will deliver the job well.

Why not check it out for yourself! Make sure to check out’s price on the DeWalt DW715 if you’re thinking of buying it.

Experienced drill users might find this model which takes time to get used to, but with regular use, though, the drill will soon feel steady in your hands.

The DCD777C2 kit’s drill driver comes with all the advantages linked with having a brushless motor. These are growing more popular because they need less maintenance and have a longer lifespan versus a brushed equivalent, eventually saving you time, money, and effort in the long-run.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Dewalt DCD777C2 20v max L-ion a brushless compact drill driver?

The DeWalt dcd777c2 is accessible both as a brushless and brush motor when bought. However, the brushless drill would always cost more.

Is this brushless drill better than the regular Dewalt drill?

Yes, it is. It uses less power when working with light loaded tools or devices. Generally, when compared to the regular brushed drill, the brushless drill is more capable, compact, and reliable.

How long does the battery last?

There is no exact time duration for the battery time of the DeWalt DCD777C2. This is because the time depends on a load of work being done.

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