Dear readers, do you need a table saw that is the most popular with accurate cuts at the Jobsite? Then this Dewalt DW744XRS review is the best source that can guide your way through the most appropriate table saw for carpentry.

Dewalt DW744XRS table saw is every woodwork enthusiast’s wish list item.

The Dewalt DW744XRS table saw is full-fledged with the site-pro modular guarding system, telescoping fence, rack and pinion fence rails, 15 amp high torque motor, and three-year-long warranty.

It has got all the features to be so.

This Dewalt DW744XRS review is a road map to the best and most popular table saw.

This roadmap has various milestones covered like basic introduction, presentation, highlighted features, what’s in the box, specification sheet, best features, missing points, and final verdict.

Dewalt brand was established in 1922 by Mr. Raymond Dewalt, who is regarded as a crucial person in the invention of the premier woodwork machine.

The mission of the inventor for Dewalt is, “You buy a machine and what you get is satisfaction, entire satisfaction.”

Since the past 95 years, Dewalt continues to innovate and improvise best Jobsite tools, services, and attachments, suitable even for the most robust work conditions.

Their tagline also resonates with their work. It says, “We are DEWALT, and we are GUARANTEED TOUGH.”

Dewalt DW744XRS review in 2020

Dewalt DW744XRS review: First Look
Dewalt DW744XRS review: First Look

The first thing clicking your mind, while having a look at this table saw is ‘mini-taxi-trolley’ setup.

Yes, it has a black and yellow color combination. You immediately realize the large and sturdy structure with a single glance.

This table saw is a portable saw and not the traditional cast iron mega table cabinet saw.

You may easily spot the integrated rear wheels located downwards.

Additionally, the table saw is embedded with the miter gauge, push stick, guard assembly, and the telescopic fence system.

Overall, it is a pleasing sight to the eyes.

Mind blowing look and feel. Click here to know more about this table saw.

Proceeding further, the Dewalt DW744XRS review describes the outstanding features of this table saw.


The assembly of Dewalt DW744XRS is almost like a cakewalk compared to other competitors in the marketplace. You need half an hour to assemble the parts.

Proper Assembly is like, “Do it once, use it many times.” Therefore, enough care should be taken to ensure that the Assembly of the table saw is flawless.

The better, the calibration of the table saw, accurate, and precise the results.

Various components (knobs, saw blade, rack, and pinion rip fence) contribute the most to the fine-tuning, Assembly, and adjustment of the table saw.

Ease of Use

Dewalt DW744XRS review: Ease of Use
Dewalt DW744XRS review: Ease of Use

The DEWALT DW744XRS performs well in terms of user-friendliness. All the parts and add-on attachments are intuitively located.

They are exactly at the right place and give output precisely as expected.

The Assembly, fine-tuning, and usage is smooth under robust and tough situations too.

Therefore, this saw scores well in the ‘Ease of Use’ section.


Many different aspects complete the outstanding design of this table saw.

To start with, it has a powerful 15-amp high torque motor that cuts the hardest wooden blocks like marshmallows.

That is flawless and effortless!

You have to go slow with large wooden blocks to avoid binding. Also, connect a 20 amps breaker because the table saw draws slightly more than 15 amps, when under heavy load.

So, the breaker will balance the fluctuations of high and low power.

Second, it has a considerable working table that provides enough area for different level projects.

Next, comes the telescopic rip fence. The fence is mainly used to give directions and guidance to the wooden job/block for cutting. This telescopic fence aids in polished cuts.

Moreover, the rack and pinion fence adjustment take care of smooth cuts and fine-tuning settings each time.

The next design component is of incorporates a unique rolling stand that makes the saw transit a matter of minutes. This rolling stand has an aluminum stand with folding legs and integrated wheels.

Lastly, the site-pro modular guard system, adds a feather of safety to the cap of design, making it perfect and complete.

Power & Speed

Do you want the secret ingredients to the utmost performance of the table saw? The two important ones are ‘power and speed.

The 15-amp high-torque motor power is enough to make this table saw do high-power demanding woodworks with ultimate finesse and ease.

This high power also facilitates increased accuracy, polished cuts, and overall finishing of the woodwork.

The second ingredient is the RPM speed of the motor. The table saw motor has 3650 RPM. This RPM provides quick and clean cuts, effortlessly.

Additionally, these two features increase the power and potential of the table saw.

Cut Size

The cut size of the blade of this table saw is 10”. Along with that, it has excellent Rip capacity.

The Rip capacity is as good as 24-1/2-inch rip capacity. Additionally, it supports a 13/16 inch wide Dados cut. It also supports slanted bevel cuts.

At 90 degrees, the cut depth is 3-1/8 inches; at 45 degrees, the cut depth is 2-1/4 inches.

Thus, Cut size is a plus point in this table saw.

Working Area

The product dimensions of the Dewalt DW744XRS are 35.5 x 25.6 x 23.5 inches.

Additionally, it is calibrated with 26-1/2 by 19-1/4-inch table surface. Now that sounds big and comfortable for carrying out small and medium level woodworks.

Thus, the working area of Dewalt DW744XRS is considerably good enough supporting different carpentry projects.

Dust Collection

Dewalt DW744XRS does not score the best in sawdust management. You have to manage a few things by yourself explicitly.

This table saw is open under the saw top and frame minus the dust collection bag. So a significant amount of sawdust is bound to spread.

However, the support of a Two-inch dust collection port is provided to connect it to your bag or shop vac.

The best you can improvise is, get your collection bag made up of your old stuff (clothes, curtains, bedsheets) and get the most powerful shop vac.

Therefore, the dust collection scores an average and can be improved.


Dewalt DW744XRS review: Portability
Dewalt DW744XRS review: Portability

Undoubtedly, portability is the king among all the features of this table saw. This Dewalt DW744XRS is a true epitome of what a portable machine can be.

With its extended leg for pulling, integrated wheels and trolley like push, it makes transit easier from one Jobsite to another.

The balanced weight of the saw (100 lbs. approx.) contributes to the portability factor.

All you have to do is Tilt the machine to 90 degrees with the ground support, stretch out the extended leg for push, bend the other legs of the table saw at their origin similar to a table, and then finally pull it like a trolley from one point to another.

This setup is also helpful for quick and easy navigation on the rough terrains as well as smooth surfaces.


Storage Area

This on-board storage provides easy access to the Site-Pro Guarding components and the push stick and other attachments when they’re not in use.


How would you consider a saw as safe? Protection from blades, accidental touch/contact, storage to keep extra tools, and so on makes it safe.

What if I say that Dewalt DW744XRS covers it all! That is true.

The Dewalt DW744XRS has a standard and productive Site-Pro Modular Guard assembly system. This system enables protection from accidental touches, uneven woodcuts, and sharp edges of the blade.

It also provides support to the blade for that flawless cross-cutting/ripping.

Additionally, you can keep your extra tools, and pieces of equipment in the storage area at the center of the table saw.

Therefore, Dewalt DW744XRS scores excellent in the safety aspect.


This table saw weighs around 100 pounds. As per the analysis of multiple models available in the market, this weight is so far, the ‘best balance of sturdiness and portability.’

Let’s get some calculations! 58lbs table saw plus 33 lbs stand plus 16lbs other parts make it lightweight yet sturdy 100 lbs(approx.) beast.


The Dewalt DW744XRS offers a quiet decent warranty. You will get a three-year-long warranty and 90 days money-back guarantee.

Can it get better than this?

Moreover, as per the customer reviews, the customers are satisfied with the warranty and customer service.

Do these stunning features impress you? Click here to add it to your cart.

What’s in the box?

  • Dewalt DW744XRS table saw
  • Dewalt DW744XRS table saw stand
  • Push Stick
  • Site-Pro Guard assembly
  • Miter Gauge
  • 10-inch 24-tooth carbide blade

Specification Sheet

Model Number DW744XRS
Item Weight 107.6 pounds
Product Dimensions 35.5 x 25.6 x 23.5 inches
Color Yellow-Black
Power Source Corded-electric
Batteries included No
Batteries required No
Blade Cut Size 10 inch
Warranty Three years
Rip Capacity 24-1/2-inch
Dados Cut Capacity 13/16-inch wide
Max Cut Depth at 90 degree 3-1/8 inches
Max Cut Depth at 45 degree 2-1/4 inches


Best features?
  • Crowned as the Most Popular Saw in the series of the table saw.
  • Fantastic Portability with Quick and Easy transit.
  • The table saw facilitates Accurate Cuts for that perfect woodwork.
  • The Dewalt DW744XRS provides Better Finishing of job work and polished Cuts.
  • This table saw is Compact. It does not need a huge storage space.
  • It has an Exceptional Site-Pro Guard System that guarantees Safety from unexpected hazards or mishaps.
  • The Dewalt brand gives a Reliable Warranty of three years and a three months money back guarantee.
  • This table saw is best of both worlds, Lightweight as well as Sturdy Design.
  • A eureka idea by the manufacturers is the On-board Storage Area for extra tools.
  • This table saw facilitates the Dust collection partially. It provides the dust port, but the collection bag and the shop vac are to be arranged by you.
  • Both the Power and Speed give the immense potential to the table saw for brilliant performance and output.
  • Decent blade Cut Size helps cut wood of required Size.
  • The Assembly of this workhorse is quick and smooth. It’s not rocket science at all.
  • All the parts and accessories of this table saw are Intuitive. Hence, the table saw becomes much Easier to Use.
What’s missing?
  • The Miter Gauge is cheap plastic. It can be replaced, or its quality can be improved.
  • Built quality is average. It can be improved, owing to the brand reputation.

Final Verdict

Our enthralling expedition for the best table saw has reached the endpoint. We are finally at the review summary of the Dewalt DW744XRS review.

After going through the in-depth analysis of this Dewalt table saw, it can be concluded that it is a 100% steal deal.

This table saw is affluent with all features at a place like Assembly, ease of use, portability, design, safety, power, speed, cut Size, working area, warranty, dust collection, and on-board storage.

Moreover, it has also earned itself the position of being among the top-sellers at e-commerce giant Amazon.

Therefore, I, along with my sawingexpert team, give it thumbs up and highly recommend it for your Jobsite.

For more guidance in regards of table saw with different features, you may also refer our Rockwell RK7241S review and BOSCH 4100-10 review.

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