Dewalt DWE7480 Review – Is It The Powerful Best-in-Industry Table Saw?

DEWALT apparently has the most excellent range of table saws among all the makers today. Having said that, read our Dewalt DWE7480 Review to know more about its combination of power, portability, safety, and price.

Well, you might be pleasantly astonished at how much they have upgraded over recent years.​ Accurate cuts are so easy to make with a thin kerf blade that doesn’t waste any material. 

Professional contractors require to make certain cuts carefully. Here comes Dewalt DWE7480, which is used for more exceptional woodworking project materials, for example, molding and balusters.

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Dewalt DWE7480 review in 2022

Dewalt DWE7480 Review

DEWALT recently started a new line of portable job site table saws, one of them is a compact 10″ Table Saw version. 

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The DEWALT DWE7480 is a 10-inch compact job site table saw, which is exemplary for punch list work and small trim jobs while working in a remote location. 

Let’s explore the Dewalt DWE7480 review (10 in. Compact Job Site Table Saw) and examine how it differs from other Table saws in the market.

We’ll have a look at its product description, special features, technical specifications, pros and cons, conclusion, and FAQs.

Assembly of Dewalt DWE7480

Dewalt DWE7480
Dewalt DWE7480 Table Saw

When you unpack the assembly, you will find that the parts are pretty great to install and work upon your projects.

You just need to snap on the fence and set the guard to start working on your woodworking projects.

There’s a robust 15-amp motor that can carry out a various range of cutting works. A similar motor can be found in many of Dewalt’s products.

DEWALT has also made an effort to ease the convenience of users by providing a convenient way to store all your accessories.

The included accessories are the blade guard, wrench, guard, riving knife, and the anti-kickback knives. 

Ease of Use of Dewalt DWE7480

Dewalt DWE7480
Easy to use Dewalt DWE7480

It has a rack and pinion telescoping fence rails, which make fence arrangements smooth and perfect. 

DWE7480 Site-Pro Modular Guarding System permits for tool-free adjustments of the guarding elements suitable for each purpose. 

On-board storage is impressive with this Saw as it allows effortless access to the Site-Pro Guarding parts. 

The rack and pinion fence system gets the best-in-industry honor for its efficiency and fastening ability.

Design of Dewalt DWE7480

Dewalt DWE7480
Dewalt DWE7480 compact jobsite table saw

It has a metal roll cage base that grants more renowned stability than plastic base models. It’s an additional advantage you won’t find in most Table Saws. 

It contrives an adjustable rear-feet, which is built to straighten the Saw on uneven production surfaces. 

DWE7480 also has a Rack and Pinion Telescoping Fence Rails, which is an effective mechanism you can typically find in modern Dewalt job site table Saws.


While the Table holds the rack and pinion on both surfaces, it guarantees that the fence remains parallel to the blade. The arrangement is quite stable and makes fence changes quick and simple. 

Power & Speed of Dewalt DWE7480

Dewalt DWE7480
Accuracy and speed with Dewalt DWE7480

You may have heard that portability and power normally don’t perform equally in all Saws; you can rest assured that this Table Saw is an exception. 

This Table Saw contains both accuracy and power that professional workers crave for their cutting projects.

DWE7480 is powered by 15-Amp 4,800 RPM motor, which instantly rips through hardwoods without any extreme intricacy.

Cut Options of Dewalt DWE7480

The Saw has 24-inch Rip capacity, which quickly cuts a variety of larger shelving and trim elements.

The Saw comes with a 24-Tooth carbide blade that enhances the cutting quality and increases blade life.

Moreover, DWE7480 has a table coating that decreases friction for more continuous cutting work.

During professional testing from experts, it was found that it can easily rip 3/4″ plywood, lumber, and 1x Maple. 

When trying to cut a 45-degree bevel in pressure-treated 2x material, experts found that they have to slow down the feed rate. However, it’s not surprising with such compact table saws.

Working Area of Dewalt DWE7480

Dewalt DWE7480
Dewalt DWE7480 working area

This model comes with a Site-Pro Modular Guarding System, by which you can arrange the guarding parts of the Saw without any tool. This feature can help you do your work smoothly.

The blade is responsible for performing all the sawing, which is 10-inch in diameter. The blades are made out of carbide, which is a distinctive element for such a professional cutting tool. 

The Saw comes with a miter gauge, push stick, blade guard, and hardware carry bag. 

Besides, the machine allows you to store all your accessories on-board without much hassle, to make your work area clear from leftover cutting fuss. 

Dust Collection of Dewalt DWE7480

DWE7480 comes with a dust port that lets 2-1/2″ vacuum hook up to minimizes the cleanup process. 

If you have an additional dust extractor with you, it can be used with the standard 2-1/2″ port that is available with the tool. 

With the dust collection features available with this machine, you can rest assured that your work surface area stays smooth and clean.

Weight and Portability of Dewalt DWE7480

Dewalt DWE7480
Dewalt DWE7480 table saw

The DeWalt DWE7480 is an uninterrupted medium weight working tool in the movable site table saw division.  

This Saw weighs around 48 pounds. Thus, it can quickly be transferred on and off the working site. 

What is more comforting with DWE7480 is its handles, which are very gripping and makes the Saw very easy to move around. 

Safety of Dewalt DWE7480

If you’re upgrading from your older Jobsite Table Saw, then the mixture of riving knife and guard will be a huge safety enhancement. 

The company has made significant improvements to offer a safe and secure work environment for professional workers.

Dewalt DWE7480 is built with a fence system that comes with the rack and pinion arrangements for additional security.

Also, the Saw comes with a superior locking mechanism to advance your safety even more, which is unparalleled in this category.

The on-board storage and tool-less blade guard assembly are pretty standard among many well-known Saws. Luckily, this Saw offers you these features that are quite notable to make your work easier.

Warranty of Dewalt DWE7480


The DEWALT DWE7480 comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty, which is quite impressive in this range of Table Saws.  

Buy it from Amazon’s website for the best price and generous return policy.

Apart from that, you will always get a 3-month money-back guarantee if something goes wrong with your purchase. 

Along with that, it comes with a one-year service contract to your advantage along with a 3-year limited warranty.​ 

Bevel Capacity of Dewalt DWE7480

In this Table Saw, the blade lets you perform bevel cuts with ease. The bevel degrees range from 0-degree to 45-degree

More on the capacity, the blade arbor size is 5/8 inches for excellent cutting convenience.

At 3-1/8 inch max with 90-degree cutting depth, this model is similar to the broad majority of comparable Saws. You can also perform the standard 0-degree to 45-degree bevel calibration.

Dewalt has always nailed it when it comes to the blade height and bevel adjustment, as it has never been easy to arrange the lock in place accurately.

What’s in the box of Dewalt DWE7480

  • Push stick
  • Arbor and spindle wrenches
  • Anti-kickback assembly
  • Blade guard assembly
  • Miter gauge
  • 10-inch carbide-tipped blade


Specification Sheet

Model number DWE7480
Item Weight 53.7 pounds
Product Dimensions 25.8 x 26.5 x 13.9 inches
Style Saw w/ 24″ Rip
Power Source corded-electric
Voltage 120 volts
Speed 4800 RPM
Teeth Per Inch 24 TPI
Arbor size 5/8 in.
Dust port diameter 2.5 in.
Depth of cut at 90 degrees 3-1/8 in.
Depth of cut at 45 degrees 2-1/4 in.
Max rip to right of blade 24 in.
Max rip to left of blade 12 in.
Tool weight 48 pounds
Cutting Diameter 10 inches
Measurement System Metric
Included Components bare-tool
California residents Click here for Proposition 65 warning

Pros and Cons

Attractive features?
  • 24-inch ripping capacity
  • Modular safety guard system
  • Lightweight without sacrificing durability
  • High-quality rack and telescoping pinion fence
  • All necessary accessories included
  • Good rip fence accuracy
  • 45 lbs. weight for ease of transport
  • Impressive rip capacity
What's missing?
  • Low-quality gauge
  • Average push stick
  • No dado blade support

Final Verdict

DWE7480 is the blend of the precision fence and 15-Amp motor, that is one of the best combinations you can get in the Table Saw market. 

The portability this model provides is impeccable with just a 10-inch compact Saw. Along with that, You can also pack all the accessories and pick it up effortlessly.

The Saw is very well balanced at just 48 lbs. in weight and easy to manage as the nice gripping handle enables you to carry it around your workplace without much trouble.

The Saw has successfully impressed many professional workers with its power while ripping delicate materials, be it a framing or a hardwood trimming.

The stock blade isn’t exceptional; still, it gets your typical cutting job done efficiently. However, you can always upgrade to a more dependable quality blade. 

We recommend the DEWALT DWE7480 as it’s an excellent choice for professional contractors who needs a portable table saw. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is the overall safety of this table saw?

It must be appropriately used, and the guard needs to be in place. As you can see from this review, the DeWalt DWE7480 has its fair share of safety features you can take advantage of.

How to fine-tune the DeWalt DWE7480??

Making the blade parallel to the rip fence is the most common type of adjustment required on a new table saw. Measure the blade from both ends to the miter gauge slot.

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