Are you working in construction, DIY department or as a carpenter? Then you might be needing saws regularly, right? Just Read ON, we have bought you the complete and honest Dewalt DWE7491RS Review today.

If you have to move around for your work, then it would be difficult to carry around big saw tables with you all the time, correct? And also, you can take your hand saw for big work because it is not efficient.

So, what do contractors look for?

Well, we are sure you are looking for a heavy-duty saw which is just as portable.

Enter Dewalt DWE7491RS portable table saw!

This must-have Dewalt Jobsite table saw is a great investment that you can make to make your life easier at work. Check out the in-depth DWE7491RS Review down below.


Dewalt is a very well-known name in the wood industry. They make some of the best working tools out there, if you see the name Dewalt on a tool, that means it’s a quality working tool.

They have 1000+ factory owned and authorized locations all over the US. Dewalt is one of the top leaders in power tools and accessories business.

A lot of professional people who work in the woodworking industry use Dewalt heavy-duty table saw. We are going to explain and talk about the table saw: DWE7491RS review in this post.


As soon as you get your hands on this Best table saw for money, you would be up and running in less than 30 minutes (assuming you are familiar with portable table saws).

Dewalt DWE7491RS table saw is really very simple to assemble and get it in tune as per your requirements.

The instruction manual which comes with the Jobsite table saw is really simple to follow and easy to understand. Read it, and you will be on your way even with little experience handling table saws.

Ease of Use

While using this awesome Dewalt table portable saw, you will be surprised at how easy it is to operate. You will love the amount of calibration control it provides to the user.

Also, it even has so many fine-tuning controls which are a treat when working with this portable table saw.

Very impressive for a saw, right?

So, what can you do with this Dewalt DWE7491RS portable table saw?

  • Perfect for woodworking professionals, this saw can also be used by people who have a passion for woodworking.
  • You can cut out wood with different types of cutting ways and patterns.
  • You can cut hardwood like butter with this awesome Dewalt DWE7491RS saw.
  • People have used this saw for wood flooring installations, cabinet making and installing work, deck building and for so many other types of work.
  • Remodeling and trimming work will be so much easier with this saw.


One of the best parts of the design of this saw is that while cutting wood, you can actually lean on it and it will not move around. This happens because of the sturdy legs of the saw. The overall structure is strongly built, so it doesn’t get pushed easily.

We really like how the fence can be adjusted with one hand. It also has a flip-over fence system, which will be handy when you want to hold two different positions.

Thanks to a good locking system, the wood is going nowhere while you are doing your job.

Now you might be thinking about how to place and hold such a big piece of wood on the saw, right?

Don’t worry!

The saw will not tip over when working with these kinds of big wood pieces. This saw incorporates a rail extension feature which is a great help when handling wood.

Note: Just ask someone to help you out when handling big pieces of wood to be safe.

It also features a pinion and rack telescoping fence system. Extending and withdrawing the fence is going to be a piece of cake thanks to this system.

As you might have seen in the photos, you can use the knob on the side to make the adjustment.

Don’t worry!

While adjusting all that, your measurements are still going to stay accurate because of the lever which locks the position in place.

Power & Speed

There is a 15 Amp motor in this Dewalt DWE7491RS portable saw.

It packs a lot of power to cut anything you want. It can cut hardwoods like mahogany, cherry, and oak really quickly and easily.

The no-load speed of the motor is 4,800 RPM. The motor runs on 110 Volts and can run with any normal electrical outlet. You can use the saw at full power for a long time, and it will not damage the motor at all.

Another great thing about the design of this saw is that, while it operated at full power, you will have fewer vibrations.

Everyone hates a lot of vibration during woodworking, right?

Dewalt DWE7491RS is really capable of cutting through any kind of hardwood without straining the motor too much or without risking damage to the saw.

We also noticed and like the little things like the coating on the surface to make sure that the friction is reduced to a minimum.

Cut Size

The cut size of this Dewalt DWE7491RS portable saw is between 3-1/8-inch at 90 degrees and 2-4/1 inch at 45 degrees.

The rip capacity of this saw is a very impressive 32-1/2 inch. Mind you, this is more than what other competitors offer on similar portable saws. This big rip capacity will help a lot in making large parts of shelves.

This best table saw for money comes with a maximum dado width of 13/16 inches and 8 inches in diameter.

The blade which comes with the saw has 24 teeth and is a regular all-purpose carbide blade. The diameter of this blade is 10 inches.

Although, the cut on the hardwood is not going to be very clean and smooth with this 24T blade. You can buy additional Dewalt 40T or 60T blades from Amazon which will give you a very clean and smooth cut on the hardwood.

Working Area

The overall dimensions of the table are 26-3/8 inches by 21-7/8 inches.

One cool thing we like is that when you are working and need a push stick, you can easily grab it as it is placed in the back of the fence.

If you go out and see the competitors saws, then you would find that they store the push stick under the saw which can be a little hard to reach when working.

Dust Collection

If you have used any Dewalt tool out there, you would already know that they give out a port to connect your vacuum machines.

On this Dewalt DWE7491RS, you will get a 2-1/2-inch dedicated port to which you can either connect your vacuum cleaner or a dust collection bag.

No more worrying about dust, you will have a clean working place!

Movability & Transportability

You are just going to love the movability this portable DWE7491RS table saw provides. It features a rolling stand which is very important if you are going to move around this saw when working at different places.

The legs of the saw are foldable so that you can actually put the whole saw vertically.

When the saw is vertical, you can use the wheels to move it around without much effort. Another great thing is the vertical standing capability of this saw.

Once it is vertical, it can support itself, so it stays vertical and saves a lot of space in your van or cramped workplace.

Storage Area

We really love the storage area that they have provided with this best portable Dewalt DWE7491RS table saw. You can use the built-in storage area on this saw and place all your safety and other accessories inside it.

It really helps when you are taking your saw to different job sites, having all your equipment inside the storage under the saw is really cool.


Using and working around machines is dangerous sometimes. Every machine needs some kind of safety system, agreed?

The design features a very big stop button to be used in an emergency.

Furthermore, imagine you are working with a saw and then the power goes off, the saw turns off, and you forget to turn the switch off from the electrical outlet.

As soon as the electricity comes back, the saw will start on its own and may wreck carnage that would be very dangerous for a Jobsite.

To solve this, Dewalt placed a Power Loss Reset system in their all-new DWE7491RS 10-inch portable table saw. When the power comes back on the saw will not start on its own.

To start the DWE7491RS saw again, you will need to pull the protective flip over cover and then press the green button inside it.

There is a lock mechanism available on the flip covers so you can use a padlock on it, preventing children from starting the saw.

Really handy stuff, isn’t it?

You will also be getting a blade guard as a safety mechanism on this portable table saw. Along with that, there is also a riving knife feature on this saw.

Thanks to that, you would not have any kinds of wood chip kicking back at you when the part you are sawing tent to pinch back after it gets cut.

Unfortunately, there is no SawStop system on this machine.

Let’s talk about the guard system now.

With Dewalt DWE7491RS portable table saw, you can easily install and remove the blade guard. It is an essential piece of tool which should be used all the time when working with the saw.

Guess what? You don’t have to remove the throat plate to install the guard or the riving knife. You can just pull the lever on the side and then install the guard. The removal works in the same way as well.


The total weight of the saw is 90 pounds.

It will be difficult for you to lift it and place it in a van or a truck alone, so get a helping hand to do that. Other than that, you won’t have to worry about the weight of this saw at all.

It has got two wheels which will help you move around the saw wherever you like without any effort at all.


The service and repair facility of Dewalt company is really impressive, and they have the largest network in the US as well.

You will get a warranty of 3 years on this DWE7491RS portable saw. Along with that, there is also a free 90 days money-back guarantee where if you don’t like the machine, then you can return it, and they will refund your money back.

Furthermore, you will also get a free 1 years servicing of the saw.

Really impressive, isn’t it?

What’s in the box?

  • Dewalt DWE7491RS Table Saw
  • 2 X Blade Wrenches
  • Push Stick
  • Miter Gauge
  • Blade Guard Assembly
  • Rip Fence
  • Rolling Stand
  • 10 Inch 24 Tooth Carbide Blade

Specification Sheet

ARBOR SIZE 5/8 Inches
DEPTH OF CUT AT 45° 2-1/4 Inches
DEPTH OF CUT AT 90° 3-1/8 Inches
MAX WIDTH OF DADO 13/16 Inches
DIMENSIONS 31 X 24.5 X 31 Inches


To check out the Instructional Manual of this Table Saw, please go HERE.


Best features?
  • We loved that this saw is very portable and can be easily moved around.
  • The fence is also great, and it is accurate and easy to handle.
  • The motor is just great, helps you cut hardwood like butter.
  • The locking feature and the other safety mechanism are also better than what you get in other similar saws.
What’s missing?
  • We think the miter gauge can be much better than what is provided here. It is not that sturdy and keeps moving. A lot of people just use another one with this saw.
  • The blade that comes with the saw is great for starters, but you might want to invest in better blades to get smooth and cleaner cuts.


Final Verdict

We really hope that, after reading this Dewalt DWE7491RS Review, you have gathered all the information you wanted. If not, please drop a question below, and we will do our best to answer you.

Overall, this is a great piece of machinery that you can use at your job site. Looking at so many positive reviews and the features it provides, we can surely say that this is one of the best table saws that we have seen in this price range.

Customers who have already bought this saw have little to no problems at all. They are happy and left high ratings on reviews sites and other woodworking forums.

If you want the best table saw for money, then this is it! Try it out and share your experience using it for the first time.

Lastly, feel free to drop a comment below. We would love to hear from our readers.

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