Dewalt DWS709 Review – Great Sliding Compound Miter Saw in Budget?

Before purchasing your dream Miter Saw, it would be desirable if you read this Dewalt DWS709 review, which can provide you the necessary insights on what any professional-grade miter saw offers.

We will be reviewing the DeWalt DWS709, which is one the best miter saws that you can get if you want to make. 

Whether you are a hobbyist DIY enthusiast, professional woodworker, or a carpenter, this Saw is very likely to transform your outlined projects into reality with its professional-grade cuts on woods or any other materials.

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Dewalt DWS709 does it reliable?

Dewalt DWS709

Dewalt-DWS709 compound miter saw

As the DeWalt DWS709 is a sliding compound Miter Saw, it’s able to give better functionality than the standard compound miter saws. However, you have to be a regular user to be able to utilize it effectively. 

This Saw will efficiently serve for everything but the most accurate of projects. You can use it on crown molding, trim, stair treads, and other various projects without any objections.

Are you planning to buy the best compound miter saw to increase the productivity of your workshop? You can consider this Dewalt DWS709 review as it provides excellent performance, versatility, and power when cutting any workpiece.

We’ll have a look at its product description, special features, technical specifications, pros and cons, conclusion, and FAQs.

Assembly of Dewalt DWS709

DWS709 miter saw

Compatible accessories from the DEWALT DWS709 includes Blade Wrench, Carbide Blade, and Material Clamp.

Along with that, there’s also a dust bag to collect the leftover mess from your working area, which is a distinct advantage at this price level.

User’s manual is as important as any other essential skill. And, this model comes with an excellent guide to help you every step of the way, be it installing the tool, usage, or safety tips.

This model is also compatible with different Saw stands, such as DWX723, DWX724, DWX725B, and DWX726.

It can also accommodate the DW7080 extension system, DW7084 crown stops, and DW7053 dust bag for further convenience. 

Ease of Use of Dewalt DWS709

The Saw comes with the dual horizontal steel rails with linear ball bearings. This feature delivers precision and strength. The special Miter arrangement and machined base fence aids in optimizing its endurance and cutting precision.

Dewalt DWS709 Compound Miter Saw is an excellent tool in this range. The first point that might catch your consideration the first time you use it is its elaborately produced table. 

This table is built from high-quality aluminum, which appears strong enough to operate any kind of pressure. 

What’s more? The compound miter saw owns tall sliding fences. It helps you provide the perfect spot for molding.

Design of Dewalt DWS709


This black, yellow, and grey Compound Miter Saw catches your attention with its specifically designed sliding head. 

The main benefit of having this sort of head is that you can devour large parts of lumber that would out of reach to ordinary miter saws. 

The Saw’s base is made from high-quality, movable stainless steel, which makes it accurate and stable. 

Within the base is where the miter detent plate is strategically placed with proper calibration, which shows its 13 positive stops. 

The Saw miters 50-degrees to the left and 60-degrees to the right. It provides enhanced capacity. The over-sized bevel scale offers bevel angle calibrations, which is accurate and secure.

Power & Speed of Dewalt DWS709

You will need your Miter saw to create much power if you have complex cutting projects to achieve, and the DeWalt DWS709 helps you with just that. 

With a 3800 RPM motor, the DeWalt DWS709 ensures all the power that your work demands to cut through any wood with ease. 

In this way, you have to contribute very little time producing angled cuts on the stuff that you are working on, and it saves you much effort.

As a result of its powerful motor, the DeWalt DWS709 accurately deals with all the elements that you throw at its way. And, it increases the range with which you can utilize this Saw for different projects.

Cut Options of Dewalt DWS709

A miter saw is not deserving the trend if it cannot produce precise cuts, and we are happy to summarize that the DeWalt DWS709 functions admirably well in that regard. 

Sliding miter saws proffer some difficulties when it comes to obtaining specific cuts than non-sliding saws as their sliding tools make them less enduring.

Other than that, it may even include some blade deflection if the Saw has not a proper design. 

The DeWalt DWS709, though, is appropriately designed to eliminate any issue with the cutting accuracy. Along with that, you can achieve micro-adjustments by practicing the 13 positive stops that permit you to customize the Miter saw instantly.

Working Area of Dewalt DWS709

​if you’re preparing to move the tool from one site to the next or thinking on the event of operating from the comfortable place, this is the Miter Saw worth considering as it’s convenient to move it around.

To sum it up, this Saw is designed with modern technology to provide convenience, keeping busy workers in its purpose. Its compact size makes it an ideal fit for small workplaces and garages.

The stand is an additional feature that comes with the DWS709. It’s a bit more costly to get a stand with any Saw, and you might need to contemplate other stands that don’t come with Dewalt machines.

Apart from that, the stand is pretty reliable. It has full adaptable infeed and outfeed roller supports, which provides up to 8 inches of support to materials. And, it also includes flexible mounting rails. 

Dust Collection of Dewalt DWS709

As a consequence of any woodworking projects, the leftover of dust, debris, and other particles come along with it. It’s the reason why this Saw has a dust bag in the assembly.

You can rest assured that your workplace remains clean with this functionality as it collects debris while you take on any project. 

The dust collection port on is standard as the other miter saws. It doesn’t really gather much dust at all, but at least the bag can collect 75% of the sand from your working area.

Unlike other Miter Saws from Dewalt, this model falls below expectations in terms of the size and performance of the dust collection unit.

Weight and Portability of Dewalt DWS709

With all the energy that the DeWalt DWS709 generates, you would expect this model to be heavy and large. However, that is not the case here. 

This Saw is lightweight in nature, which makes it easy to control and move. This benefit would come handy if you are in the business of mobile craftsmanship. 

This model comes in a compact size and design that lessens its weight considerably well. If you are considering transportability without any damage, this machine ensures the same without giving you any trouble.

This Saw weighs around 50 pounds so that you can consider it as a lightweight Saw as compared to many other miter saws in the market. 

Additionally, it comes with a sliding compound miter mechanism to make your work more relaxed than ever. 

Safety of Dewalt DWS709

There’s a decent dust bag in the tool so that you don’t counter with the airborne diseases while working.  

For more safety, the model comes with a blade guard to prevent accidents. It covers the rotating blade very effectively to keep you away from any type of injury. 

Furthermore, to ensure nothing wrong happens, the Saw comes with a handy ON/OFF switch, which works perfectly to assist you in controlling its blade sweep.

Warranty of Dewalt DWS709

This Saw comes with a 3-year warranty, which is an excellent period along with all the features you get.

The company also offers 1-year of free service if any part of your machine gets damaged. Moreover, you will also get a 90-days moneyback guarantee. 

We recommend you to purchase it from Amazon to get the best price and return policy. 

Bevel Capacity of Dewalt DWS709

This model comes with many helpful features that make it comfortable to use in different conditions. One of the notable advantages of using this Saw is its seamless bevel adjustment capacity that simplifies your processes.

To elaborate, the Saw enables you to set up bevel cuts between 0° to 49° to the right. Besides, It lets you set up Miter cuts from 0° to 50° to the left, and 0° to 60° to the right.

What more can you get with this model? Well, it has tall sliding fences too, which support crown molding up to 5-1/2 inches. It also assists base molding up to 4-1/2 inches vertically against the fence. 

What’s in the box of Dewalt DWS709

  • Carbide Blade
  • Blade Wrench
  • Material Clamp
  • Dust Bag
  • Users Guide


Specification Sheet

Brand name DeWalt
Model DWS709
Product weight 51 pounds
Dimensions 8 x 22.8 x 19.5 in
No-load rotating speed 3800 rpm
Amperage 15A
Voltage 120V
Blade diameter 12 in
Baseboard vertical capacity 5 in
Nested crown vertical capacity 5 in
Miter range 50 degrees left, 60 degrees right
Bevel range 49 degrees left, 49 degrees right
Warranty 3 years

Pros and Cons

Attractive features?
  • A powerful motor
  • Seamless bevel adjustments
  • Lightweight for easy portability
  • Fine crosscutting ranges
What's missing?
  • Poor dust collection
  • No straps available
  • The torque is quite low

Final Verdict

To be honest, many professionals are happy with the Dewalt DWS709. It’s straightforward to install and utilize. Moreover, the cuts from this machine are smooth and accurate.

The responses from the people who have used this Saw are positive in terms of overall user experience and usability. Most experts appreciate the accuracy of cuts that this machine delivers.

It’s the one professional-grade Miter Saw for woodworkers who are looking to impress their consumers and expand their markets. 

Most Dewalt DWS709 reviews can prove that this Miter Saw is specifically designed to provide professional work with comfort in mind. 

You would presume the DeWalt DWS709 to be priced higher than some other similar saws as a result of its strength and versatility to manage complex projects, which is not the exact case here.

To be clear, it’s more affordable than other models of similar features, which makes it an excellent value for money product for professional woodworking needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is the warranty of the product?

This model comes with a 3-year warranty that covers defects that occur from faulty parts or issues.

Does the DeWalt DWS709 have an LED line?

No, This model does not come with an LED cutting line.

Can the Saw operate on 100V and 50Hz?

It can work on 100V and 50Hz, but it will reduce its capacity. It’s recommended to use the Saw on a 120V/60Hz power supply. 

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