Grizzly G0555 Review – Can This Bandsaw Outperforms Other Saws?

If you’re looking to buy your first bandsaw or simply upgrade from a benchtop model, consider Grizzly G0555 Review to learn what to look for in an affordable saw.

Not every home woodworker can get by with smaller, more basic models that are intended for smaller-scale tasks and cutting.

While there are a number of these models that can accomplish a lot of things, more experienced users with larger jobs need something that can handle it.

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The 14-inch Grizzly G0555 is an ideal solution for the home or semi-pro woodworker that needs full-size performance and cutting power in a slightly smaller package.

Grizzly G0555, is it reliable?

Grizzly G0555 Bandsaw

There are just as many benchtop bandsaws on the market as full-sized models, so choosing what is right for you depends on what you need from a saw.

Let’s explore the Grizzly G0555 review (ultimate 14” Bandsaw) and examine how it differs from other miter saws in the market.

We’ll have a look at its product description, special features, technical specifications, pros and cons, conclusion, and FAQs.

Assembly of Grizzly G0555

Grizzly G0555
Grizzly G0555 assembly

The assembly features include an HP motor, lower and upper ball blade, dust port, miter and fence gauge, optional riser kit and a whole lot more.

Bandsaws usually don’t come with too many extras, but you will get a few with this one.

As you’d expect, a fence is included along with a miter gauge. The fence is actually nicer than we expected and made from extruded aluminum with a magnifying window. The machine also comes with a 3/8” blade.

As for the table on the G0555 Ultimate Bandsaw, it is made from high quality and durable precision-ground cast iron table. This table measures 14 by 14 inches, a square table, therefore, and can offer you some amazing beveling.

Ease of Use of Grizzly G0555

Grizzly G0555
Easy to use Grizzly G0555 industrial saw

The ball bearings and rubber wheels keep the blade nice and tight, providing the reinforced stability needed to hold the blade in place without any flex. 

It not only makes it better for ripping and resawing but detailed freehand cuts as well.

The blade handle lets you disengage the blade for extended blade life, along with making it easier to change the blade whenever needed.

The included stand is much appreciated as well, helping give a floor-standing feel, while still saving on space overall.

Design of Grizzly G0555

Grizzly G0555
Grizzly G0555 heavy gauge steel stand

The smooth and efficient cutting operation, along with the expanded cutting size, durability, and ease of blade adjustments. 

Plus, changing make the G0555 a valuable ally for the more skilled woodworker that simply needs something better for the long run.

miter gauge and fence are nice inclusions that expand the cutting types and adjustments of the saw from the moment you get it set up.

You can furthermore tilt the table up to 45 degrees to the right, and 15 degrees to the left. 

This, therefore, opens up the G0555 Ultimate Bandsaw to some amazingly, versatile and angular sawing actions which you will appreciate a lot!

Power & Speed of Grizzly G0555

The G0555 Ultimate Bandsaw is undoubtedly a powerful machine. Some of its prominent credentials include its massively powerful 1 HP motor which runs on a solid 11 amps at 110V and 5.5 amps at 220V.

The 1Hp motor runs on either 110 or 220V. It has two blade speeds of 1500 and 3200fpm (feet per minute) so you have some flexibility and control over your work. 

These speeds are a little different than those on the Grizzly G0555LX version below.

This, as you can see already, means you furthermore enjoy the benefits dual voltage. Something we don’t see in band saws these days! Very impressive.

Cut Options of Grizzly G0555

The saw’s 1 HP motor puts out 11 amps through a 110-volt/220v three-prong connection that works with any basic outlet. 

You also get the option of using two different blade speeds: 1500 FPM, and an amped up 3200 FPM, letting you dial in for specific tasks.

The saw’s table is a full 14 x 14 inches across, giving you a lot of surface coverage, which works well with the 6-inch cutting height and 13 ½ inch cutting capacity. 

You can also tilt 45 degrees right, and 15 degrees left when the task calls for it.

The G0555’s aluminum fence contains a scale with a magnifying window, along with a miter gauge, so you’ve got all the tools needed to make a variety of cuts in a wide range of materials.

Working Area of Grizzly G0555

Grizzly G0555
All ball bearing construction Grizzly G0555

Bandsaws are one of the easier tools to use in a woodshop, especially if you’re not attempting to do curvy work. While it’s nice to have a machine that is easy to operate, there is something to be said for ease of use.

The aforementioned quick-release blade tension lever will save you lots of time. It’s honestly something that should be standard on every bandsaw. 

The dust port is also an easy way to keep your work area clean which in turn results in better performance.

No tools are required to access the wheels or the blade. With one swing of a lever, the quick release blade tensioner drops the upper wheel allowing easy blade replacement. 

Dust Collection of Grizzly G0555

The saw’s 4-inch dust port can connect to a vacuum tube to help clear out the work area when cutting. The 4” dust collection port is a nice feature, but mediocre compared to other models.

When it comes to features, all the standard ones are included so you’ll get a 4” dust port to keep things tidy.

The dust port is also an easy way to keep your work area clean which in turn results in better performance.

The dust port works a lot better than most of the models I’ve dealt with in this range, so if minimal sawdust and debris are important to you, take heart with this saw.

Weight and Portability of Grizzly G0555

For more experienced home or hobbyist bandsaw users, you get a workhorse saw that offers the smooth, powerful, and versatile operation of a true shop saw, but without the much higher price, and of course the massive size.

Bandsaws this size generally aren’t fragile, and that’s the case with the Grizzly G0555. It has a robust frame made of cast iron which partially adds to the weight.

The cast iron table is precision ground and adds to the heft as well. Unfortunately, the wheels are aluminum although they are cast and balanced by a computer.

Safety of Grizzly G0555

One major aspect you’ll notice with the G0555 is its smooth blade operation and stability that makes for better cutting, and better blade stability.

This is accomplished with upper and lower ball bearing guides, and computer-balanced cast aluminum wheels with rubber tires.

The product comes along with a deluxe aluminum and enhanced rubber tires.

The fence is constructed for ease in move and convenience and is accurate to meet your needs

The blade is easy to handle because of a handy knob that can be adjusted and be locked.

Warranty of Grizzly G0555

The G0555 comes with a 1 year warranty and tech support is US based. Parts and replacement blades are available online.

The G0555 is made in an ISO 9001 Factory. CSA certified in accordance with C22.2 #71.2-10 and UL 987-7th standards.

What’s in the box of Grizzly G0555

  • Upper and Lower Ball Bearing Blade Guides
  • Green and Putty Powder-Coat Paint
  • Deluxe Heavy-Duty Stand
  • Cast-Iron Frame
  • Computer Balanced Cast Aluminum Wheels with Rubber Tires
  • Deluxe Extruded Aluminum Rip Fence
  • 4″ Dust Port
  • Hinged Wheel Covers
  • 3/8″ Blade
  • Miter Gauge

Specification Sheet

Brand Name Grizzly
Model Number G0555
Item Weight 195 pounds
Product Dimensions 24.5 x 17.5 x 66.5 inches
Material Steel
Voltage 110V or 220V, Single-Phase, 60 Hz
Prewired Voltage 110V
Full-Load Current Rating 11A at 110V, 5.5A at 220V
Connection Type Cord and Plug
Switch Type ON/OFF push button
Horsepower 1
Amperage Capacity 15 A
Number Of Pieces 2
Blade Length 1 inches
Speed 3200 RPM
Measurement System both
California residents Click here for Proposition 65 warning

Pros and Cons

Attractive features?

  • Carefully planned instructions
  • An optional block kit
  • Computer balanced cast iron wheels
  • Powerful motor
  • Stand with adjustable height
  • Dual voltage
  • Good for both wood and metal
  • Comes with accessories

What's missing?

  • Instruction manual lacks proper setup guide
  • No headlamp for better visibility
  • Little bit noisy

Final Verdict

For the G0555, the differences are in the details. Instead of flashy features and gimmicks, the saw relies on small details and superior craftsmanship that ensures smooth operation and better cutting for any scenario.

As for weight, this machine reaches almost up to 200 pounds. Noting uncommon of heavy-duty bandsaws so we are not disappointed at all.

The two main advantages of the Grizzly G0555 review is to distinguish the functionalities it provides to make your buying choice more accurate.

You may need help moving it if you decide to redecorate, but rest assured it’s not going to hop around the shop. Needless to say, this machine can handle heavy stock with ease.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the size of the dust port on this model?

The dust port measures about 4 inches in total.

Is the Grizzly G0555 the ultimate bandsaw CSA certified? 

Yes, it is fully certified. 

How long is the base (the stand, only)?

It’s around 25″ in height which can be adjusted.

What type of blade do I need for resawing?

You can use a wide blade (1/2″ or larger) with hook style teeth with a low number of teeth per inch. A wide blade ensures cuts are straight and the hook style teeth have large gullets for removing material as the blade passes through the workpiece.

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