Hey woodworkers! Do you need a highly portable yet durable miter saw for your Jobsite? This time we have got for you Hitachi C10FCH2 review as the ultimate solution to your woodwork needs and woes.

Hitachi C10FCH2 is every woodworker’s dream.

It is jam-packed with fabulous features like Portability, Laser Marker system, Power-Pack 15 Amp motor, Variants of Cuts, Ergonomic and Sturdy Design, Compact Pivot flip fence Mechanism, Dust Collection System and Long-Lasting Professional Warranty.

This Hitachi C10FCH2 review will include the introduction, presentation, incredible features, pros, cons, specifications, and conclusion.

It would be wise to get some information about the brand, before digging the heart of the matter.

Hitachi is a globally renowned name in the field of innovation, technology, and quality. It is a Japanese tech-hub encouraging quality, performance, and latest ideas at each step.

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The mission and vision of the brand are “Contribute to society through the development of superior, original technology and products.”

The brand highly justifies its tagline ‘Inspire the next.’

Hitachi is now known as Hikoki, the ruler of Powertools. Hitachi was found by Japanese electric engineer named Namihei Odaira, as early as 1910.

After the massive contribution of more than a century, it isn’t surprising that Hitachi is the ruler of the marketplace.

(Source: – hitachi.com, hikoki-powertools.in)

As far as this miter saw is concerned, it is suitable for DIY enthusiasts and professional woodworkers.

Let us now describe the first impression of the miter saw.

Hitachi C10FCH2 Review in 2020

Hitachi C10FCH2 Review: First Look
Hitachi C10FCH2 Review: First Look

‘Magnificent’ is the first word that I would use to describe this masterpiece to you.

This cute little wonder occupies a small footprint, as it is evident from the image shown above.

Primarily, what catches the attention is the sleek green colored blade assembly.

Next to look for is the rock-solid grayish silver base with the Pivot flip fence, which facilitates the saw to have various cuts and adjustments of the material.

This miter saw is an unusual combination of ‘portability yet durability.

The dust collection bag at the rear is also seen from the isometric view of the miter saw.

All in all, the first looks make it look promising and reliable.

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If you are among those woodworkers, who feel assembly of the miter saw as a big concern, then be rest assured.

The significant parts of Hitachi C10FCH2 are pre-assembled with utmost care by the manufacturers themselves.

Hitachi has left just some extra accessories to take care of and put in place by the customers themselves.

You have to assemble the dust collection bag at the designated port at the rear part.

Fit the wrenches at the dedicated holder place.

Lastly, place the knobs at the miter gauge and fence for convenient operation of the miter saw.

In case you do not feel comfortable with the assembly part, make sure to call an experienced and knowledgeable person or refer to the brand user manual.

Thus, assembly is a cakewalk for the majority of customers.

Ease of Use

Hitachi C10FCH2 Review: Ergonomic Handle gives Ease of Use
Hitachi C10FCH2 Review: Ergonomic Handle gives Ease of Use

Ease of use is a high scoring feature among all, for this miter saw.

The manufacturers have taken proper care to ensure an excellent user-friendly experience for all the customers.

The design and the working are much intuitive, with all the main parts and accessories at the proper place.

The manufacturer also provides a dedicated user-manual that has a step to step guide from installation to working of the miter saw.

The large table gives stable and sturdy support for doing woodwork.

Also, the in-built clamping system holds the wood piece at their respective place.

Additionally, a highly ergonomic and work environment-friendly soft vibration-proof elastomeric handle adds to the user-friendliness of this miter saw.


As described in the ‘look and feel’ section before, the design of this machine is sturdy, durable, yet portable.

The machine is lightweight (26 pounds) and compact (occupies less space), making it the lightest power tool among its counterparts.

It is designed to support Portability and versatility to the maximum. You can easily pull this miter saw and go from one Jobsite to another with ease.

If you wish, you may also board it on your truck or transport vehicle and perform many woodwork miracles effortlessly.

You will get a stronger steel base and a large table. Both have a considerable contribution to the durable and stable miter saw.

The Pivot flip fence with a miter gauge is a boon for woodworkers to try different cuts and precision angles.

The rear support is extended using the side extension, which comes as a separate part from the main assembly.

This miter saw is incorporated with a replaceable blade. The dust collection bag is also provided to avoid the spreading of sawdust at the Jobsite.

For safety, it has blade guard assembly that protects both the humans and wooden material from unseen mishaps and accidents.

Moreover, the vibration-proof grip handle gives it the best ergonomics.

Power & Speed

By all means, we say that this miter saw runs as fast as a horse. Yes, it is a ‘workhorse in real sense’. What makes it so? The power and speed make it so!

The Hitachi C10FCH2 comes with a power-pack 15 Amp motor with high torque. A miter saw with this power can tackle the toughest and unconventional jobs.

It operates at 120V standard voltage. Also, the operating speed is constant, which increases the life of the saw.

Additionally, it has a speed of 5000 RPM, which makes it phenomenal and fast in its regard.

Thus, power and speed are excellent in Hitachi C10FCH2.

Cut Size

Precision and versatility hold high regard in the cut capacity of the miter saw. The specialty of this miter saw is to enable multiple types of cuts.

The size of the blade is 10”.

It facilitates 0 to 52 degree range at both left and right sides for the miter cuts.

You can also perform bevel cuts at both the left and right sides, from 0 to 45 degree range.

If you have a few complex projects like vertical crown molding, worry not buddy! Hitachi C10FCH2 supports 4-inch raising, owning to the large pivoting flip fence.

Pivoting Flip Fence

Hitachi C10FCH2 Review: Pivoting Flip Fence
Hitachi C10FCH2 Review: Pivoting Flip Fence

The large Pivoting flip fence at different angles enables the miter saw to perform smooth and precise cuts (both miter and bevel) at the left and right sides.

Additionally, it raises 4” for the special vertical cutting of crown molding.

Therefore, the pivoting flip fence is a vital feature for this miter saw.

Laser Guide

Hitachi C10FCH2 Review: Laser Guide
Hitachi C10FCH2 Review: Laser Guide

The laser guide is also called the Laser Marking system.

Resonating the name, you can set the laser marker for once and then can use it, at both the left and right sides, to target your cuts.

The line from the laser will guide your cuts (read blade) to be soft, smooth, precise, and highly accurate.

Follow the laser line, follow the bliss!

You have to initially set this Laser Guide for left and right, but it is just one time process.

  Working Area

Hitachi C10FCH2 has a decent working area to work with as well as keep the system sturdy and stable, with the help of a large table that comes accompanied by this saw.

This working area has a higher contribution to making this miter saw ergonomics-friendly.

Dust Collection

Hitachi C10FCH2 Review: Dust Collection Bag

Among the plethora of features offered by Hitachi, Dust collection is also a noteworthy feature.

Hitachi provides a dust collection bag along with the package inclusions, to save your time and energy in the cleaning of sawdust.

However, the dust bag is of average quality. It can be improved by tightening it with rubber or attaching your miter saw your favorite shop vac.


Portability is undoubtedly the star feature of Hitachi C10FCH2. With weight as light as 26 pounds, it was made for Portability and maneuverability.

Now, the transit of this machine from one Jobsite to another is like a ‘child’s play’.

It is a blessing for all the DIY enthusiasts as they can take the miter saw, wherever they want.

Storage Area

The miter saw comes without the much useful on-board storage.

You can forget or misplace your extra accessories while working or the saw transit.

So, this is a small minus point compared to the table saw where on-board storage is present in the majority of the saw.


Manufactures these days pay much attention to the safety aspect of the saw machines.

The blade guard assembly is the most important safety mechanism incorporated in this saw machine.

Overall saw machine is designed, and parts are assembled, to keep the humans and wooden material safe.


The weight or its lack will undoubtedly influence you.

The Hitachi C10FCH2 saw machine get the accolades of ‘the lightest’ miter saw ever, hands down.

It weighs around 26.5 pounds only.

This weight enables easy assembly, Portability, transit, and functionality.


All I can say about the warranty of this miter saw is ‘long‘ and ‘lasting.’

The Hitachi manufacturers provide a ‘5-year long professional warranty’, which is quite amazing in itself.

Additionally, in case of any woes or manufacturing defects, you can claim the 30 – days return policy.

Thus, the warranty makes the manufacturer much reliable.

Have you made your buying decision after going through these amazing features? Click here for the final order.

What’s in the box?

  • Hitachi C10FCH2 Miter Saw
  • 10” TCT (tungsten carbide-tipped) Blade
  • Pivot flip fence
  • Dust collection bag
  • Wrenches
  • Vice assembly
  • Extension (to support rear side)
  • User Manual

Specification Sheet

Model Number C10FCH2
Item Weight 26.5 pounds
Product Dimensions 20.5 x 16 x 13.5 inches
Color Green and Gray
Batteries included No
Batteries required Yes
Blade Cut Size 10″
Money back 30 Days
Warranty 5 years professional
Miter angle at left 0-52 degree
Miter angle at right 0-52 degree
Bevel angle at right 0-45 degree
Bevel angle at right 0-45 degree
Power Source Corded-electric
Voltage 120 Volts
Dust collection Yes


Best features?
  • Hitachi C10FCH2 is a most lightweight miter saw.
  • It has Portability at its best.
  • The Laser guide helps in achieving the most accurate cuts.
  • This miter saw has a highly powerful 15 Amp motor.
  • This miter saw supports variants of cuts and precise angles.
  • The ergonomic handle is vibration-proof and is immensely helpful in providing user-friendliness to the miter saw.
  • This miter saw comes pre-assembled, making it easier for newbie’s and users to assemble and use them.
  • The robust design is suitable for all kinds of jobs.
  • The 5000 RPM speed makes it a workhorse.
  • The blade guard assembly makes the table saw safe.
  • The manufacturers provide a decent warranty of 5 long years.
  • It is a full-on ‘Value for money’ product.
  • This miter saw the impressive and compact ‘look and feel’.
What’s missing?
  • Dust collection needs improvement.
  • On-board storage is missing.
  • Changing the blade is a big hassle.
  • Blade guard can be misplaced from its torque.

Click here to see the Hitachi C10FCH2 live in action.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Can we cut metal with this saw?
A. This question is highly asked question. The cutting of the metal involves two concerns; one is ‘heat,’ and another is ‘sparks.’

So, to put it right, the carbon tipped wood blade that comes with the packaging, can cut aluminum, and brass.

In ‘case of hard materials like steel, the hardness of these materials is the primary concern.

Another concern is fire hazards.

So, the wise decision is to use the tools for the designated job they are designed to (here it is cutting of wood).

Q. Does this miter saw have an electric brake?
A. No, this miter saw does not have an electric brake.

Q. Is this miter saw suitable for crown molding?
A. Yes, it is suitable for crown molding using various bevel cuts. You may also refer to this source.
Source credit (Metabo HPT YouTube channel).

Q. Does this miter saw support sliding mechanism?
A. No, Hitachi C10FCH2 does not support the sliding mechanism. However, you can move it up and down as per your needs.

Q. Is the burning smell coming from the saw normal?
A. In the case of a new saw, the occurrence of burning smells while operating the machinery is normal. However, it should gradually disappear after a couple of operations.

If the smell still prevails afterward do, then you need to get the saw checked as something is wrong with the saw.

Q. What is the width cut supported by this miter saw?
A. The Max cut supported by the saw is 5.5″ (1×6). You could try a 2×6, but I use a table saw for that thickness sheet.

Q. Can the clamp level be changed in this miter saw?
A. Yes, you can very well change the clamp level.
You may loosen the clamp, but moving the black handle clockwise.

A 13 mm wrench can be used to remove the black handle all-together and ultimately losing the clamp lever.

Q. Does the miter saw support 220 V?
A. No, this miter saw supports 120 V only.

Final Verdict

The curious and remarkable journey of the Hitachi C10FCH2 review has come to a conclusion phase.

This Hitachi C10FCH2 is an excellent jumble of power, portability, lightweight trait, robust design, stunning look and feel, value for money, laser guide, more extended warranty, and variant cuts support.

After hours of toiling and practical implementations, our experts have come to a verdict regarding this table saw.

They announce it as a deal to steal.

Therefore, after thorough deliberation and thought process, we give it thumbs up and must have power-tool for your Jobsite.

In case you need high-end table saw for cutting large ply sheets, go through our Makita 2705, Rockwell RK4172S and BOSCH GTS1031 review. They would be of much help to you.

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