Dear woodworkers. Are you in quest of a miter saw with a compact slide system, laser guide, and ergonomics? Read this Hitachi C12RSH2 review till the end for your best-fit miter saw.

Hitachi C12RSH2 is an all-in-one package miter saw with a compact slider system, laser guide, best ergonomics, high-performance, accuracy, and stunning cutting capabilities.

This Hitachi C12RSH2 Review comprises an introduction, features, pros, cons, package inclusions, and final verdict.

This miter saw is suitable for beginners, intermediates, and professionals in woodwork.

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Proceedings further, let us give you some glimpse of the ‘Hitachi brand.’

Hitachi,’ now known as ‘Hikoki,’ is an internationally recognized Japanese power tools and technologies brand.

It was established long back in 1948. Fr for the brand. The core values of the company revolve around ‘Quality, Precision, and Reliability.’

Hitachi stresses on high-performance, high-quality, and higher customer satisfaction.

The company’s constant efforts have made it top players in the power tools market globally.

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Before starting the review in detail, let us get a few basics clear.

One question that would surely strike your mind is the core difference between a table saw, and a miter saw.

The choice of your saw depends on the size of your woodwork and the type of cut to be done on it.

For a miter saw, the width of the wood is limited by the width of the blade you are using.

For example, the 10-inch blade cuts 8-inch width wood. The same is the case with height. With a miter saw, you may add precision angles, too, if needed.

Therefore, a miter saw would enable you to work with limited dimensions of lumber and miter gauge posts. You would not be able to rip off the full-size ply sheets.

Table saw is a breeze to use for those full-size plywood sheets, as it comes sans any width limitation.

So, which saw to buy and use depends on your type of cuts, angles, and wood of your project. If you have full-fledged sheets cutting, then go for the table saw.

If you have limited depth lumber needing precision angles, then go for a miter saw.

Now you know which saw to go for, exactly!

Hitachi C12RSH2 Review in 2020

Hitachi C12RSH2 Review: First Look
Hitachi C12RSH2 Review

Having the first look at this miter saw, you can experience its metallic, compact, versatile, and flexible design.

If you have a confined Jobsite yet you crave for a high-performance miter saw, then what could fit your requirements better than Hitachi C12RSH2 miter saw?

The main functional parts consist of fixed rails, slider system, blade, dust collection system, bevel system, and laser guide system.

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The major part of Hitachi C12RSH2 comes pre-assembled. However, a few parts like the rear extension, dust collection bag, blade, and the wrenches come separate from the main assembly.

You have to fit the extension into the two holes provided at the rear side. Attach the dust collection bag beneath the slider at its dedicated space.

Take the blade and fit it with the wrenches provided for the same.

So, it should take hardly a couple of minutes for you to complete the assembly and make this miter saw functionally working.

However, if you do not have even the slightest idea of the saw machine assembly, you may call a knowledgeable person or refer the user manual provided with the package inclusion of this machine.

Therefore, assembly is simple and straight-forward in Hitachi C12RSH2.

Ease of Use

Hitachi C12RSH2 Review: Ease of use
Hitachi C12RSH2 Review: Ease of use

Once you are done with the assembly part of this miter saw, the next step is to start using it and check its functional capabilities.

Hitachi C12RSH2 Review: Ease of use
Hitachi C12RSH2 Review: Ease of use

The usability of the miter saw is quite intuitive. You can figure out the setting of wood, the movement, and measurement of the slider fence system and the bevel locks to withstand the position of the saw.

Additionally, the manufacturers provide you with a user manual, which is a step by step blueprint of this miter saw.

Moreover, Hitachi C12RSH2 comes with a soft vibration-proof handle, which makes the grip much comfortable.

Thus, Ease of use is an A+ from our experts.


Hitachi C12RSH2 Review: Design
Hitachi C12RSH2 Review: Design

This performance beast comes with a robust and versatile design.

The overall miter saw is manufactured ‘compact,’ keeping in mind those woodworkers with limited space in their workshops.

What makes its design unique yet, so special, is the compact slider mechanism. It makes the cutting of wood effortless and hassle-free with its butter-smooth operation.

The flip lever locking mechanism enables you to lock the machine to a certain position to fix it stable for effective and accurate performance.

The bounce-back locks avoid the unnecessary tilting of the main assembly and give it sturdy support and correct angle for that proper cut.

The table inserts support the functioning of the blade as well as the angles.

The laser guide can be switched ON as well as OFF. It shows a line, following which you can make those precise and accurate cuts.

Power & Speed

This miter saw is bestowed with a highly powerful 15 amp motor, which can deal with tough woodworks with a breeze. It operates on standard 120 V with a speed of 3800-4000 rpm (no load).

This trial makes it a real workhorse giving a fantastic performance in the domain of woodworks.

Cut Size

Hitachi C12RSH2 Review: Cutting Capabilities
Hitachi C12RSH2 Review: Cutting Capabilities

Cuts have a much important role in the saw machines. The miter saw possesses a 12” blade, which gives immensely incredible cutting capabilities.

The blade has 60 teeth that can cut through different woods flawlessly.

The dual bevel can make the miter saw shift 45 degrees in both directions. This dual bevel supports the titled cuts nicely.

The maximum cut capacity for a cross-cut at 90 degrees is 4-3/16 by 12-1/4 inches.

For the bevel cut at 45 degrees, the maximum cut capacity is 2-3/4 by 12-1/4 inches or 2-15/16 by 10-3/16 inches.

As far as the miter cut is concerned, 4-3/16 by 8-5/8 inches on the left and 4-11/16 by 7-1/16 inches on the right.

Regarding the compound cut, at 45×45 (L/L), 2-3/4×8-5/8 inch, or 2-15/16×7-1/16 inch.

You can also cut crown molding material too with Ease.

Therefore, the cutting capacity of the miter saw gets a good score from our experts.

Compact slider

Hitachi C12RSH2 Review: Compact Slider Fence

The compact slider fence system can be regarded as the USP feature of this miter saw.

This mechanism incorporates fixed rails that slide forward. It has a bearing connected to it, which facilitates a smooth transition.

The railings are compact and the most suitable for an area with space constraints.

The head deflections here are almost negligible, which leads to accurate cuts.

Therefore, compact slider mechanism is a high-demand trait to look for.

Laser Guide

What a superb feeling it would be if you have a guide or mentor at each stage/aspect of your life? You feel motivated and relaxed at the back of the mind.

The same is the case here. This miter saw has a Laser guide as one of its key features.

Now, you would ask, what good it does to the miter saw? Well, it gives the exact, accurate position for those precise cut of your woodwork.

You all are well aware of the issues that come up with a mismatch of the dimensions of wood parts due to incorrect cuts. To avoid them, Hitachi C12RSH2 has incorporated this useful mechanism.

Dust Collection

Hitachi provides a mediocre quality dust collection bag. Additionally, its dust collection port is also smaller in size and having odd dimensions, which do not fit the shop vac in first attempts.

Its utility level is medium, which is better than not having a dust collection mechanism at all.

Overall, Hitachi has to pay some more attention to this aspect of dust collection.


Hitachi C12RSH2 is not one of those portable saw machines which you can frequently transit from one Jobsite to another.

Though compact in design, it is full of hassles to relocate this miter saw from one place to another.

You may surely adjust the wooden material as per the required cutting, but this miter saw does not support portability.

Storage Area

The on-board storage area is commonly found in the majority of the table saws. But, in the case of the miter saw, it is not found in the majority of them.

So, this can be one of the minus points of this miter saw.


Hitachi C12RSH2 Review: Safe Blade Guard & electric brake

Woodworkers are much susceptible to Jobsite injuries and accidental mishaps. Hence, miter saw with sufficient safety arrangements must be chosen.

Hitachi C12RSH2 has some features that make it a safe miter saw.

Can you imagine the situation, when the blade is still running in spite of stopping it?

This miter saw comes with an electric brake.

The electric brake is a sure shot mechanism to cut off immediate power and save yourself and your designs from the impact of running blade.

Another powerful safety feature is the blade guard assembly. The blade guard assembly protects the human skin from injuries and designs from mishaps.


The Hitachi C12RSH2 weighs around 59 pounds. It is a medium weight saw machine. Still, it is not easy to move it from one place to another.

It is suitable for single time assembly and professional Jobsite usage.


The Hitachi C12RSH2 comes with 5 – year professional warranty and 30 days money exchange policy.

This warranty is a sufficient period for the customers to claim their issues with this machine.

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What’s in the box?

  • Hitachi C12RSH2 Miter Saw
  • 12 inch 60 tooth TCT Blade
  • Vice Assembly
  • 17 mm Box Wrench
  • Dust Collection Bag

Specification Sheet

Model Number C12RSH2
Item Weight 59 pounds
Product Dimensions 25 x 35 x 28 inches
Color Black,Grey and Green
Batteries included No
Batteries required No
Blade Cut Size 12″
Money back 30 Days
Warranty 5 years professional
Miter angle at left 0 to 45 degree
Miter angle at right 0 to 57 degree
Bevel angle at right 0 to 45 degree
Bevel angle at right 0 to 45 degree
Power Source corded-electric
Voltage 120  V
Dust collection Dust bag


Best features?
  • Hitachi C12RSH2 has a 15 amp high power motor.
  • The 12” inch Dual bevel enables cuts in both the left and right side without flipping the material.
  • Amazing Laser Guide leads to many accurate cuts.
  • Compact slider increases the Ease of usage.
  • The different cuts at different angles make it precise.
  • The vibration-proof handle increases the user-friendliness.
  • It is compact with a smaller footprint.
  • It is worth every penny.
  • This miter saw being versatile supports different types of woodwork projects.
  • The majority parts of the saw come pre-assembled.
  • This miter saw is quite presentable.
  • It has a robust and sturdy design.
  • Safety features are given excellent attention in this miter saw.
  • Hitachi provides an outstanding 5-year professional warranty.
  • Customer-friendly ergonomics is a desirable trait of this miter saw.
What’s missing?
  • The Dust collection can be improved significantly.
  • This miter saw is not portable.
  • The on-board storage area for accessories is missing.

Final Verdict

We are here at the wrap up of this highly valuable and informative Hitachi C12RSH2 review.

After spending hours of experimentation and research, our sawingexperts have declared it as a decent investment for your money.

This miter saw is an excellent amalgamation of Ease of use, accuracy, robust design, compactness, value for money, high-power motor, silky smooth operations, fantastic safety, and manufacturer warranty.

It has all the features and traits any good miter saw should have. Hence, it is the customer’s preferred choice.

Therefore, our expert team also gives it a five-star rating and recommends it further for all the customers.

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