Makita LS1018 review in #2021. {Best centerpiece for your Jobsite?}

Howdy woodworkers! Do you want to buy a miter saw that is powerful, portable and gives accurate cuts? Read this Makita LS1018 review and get the most performance-oriented Miter saw for your woodworks.

Makita LS1018 is a real treasure to own, for your Jobsite.

It has manifested into a remarkable asset because of its features like ultra-power motor, portability, lightweight, high accuracy, variants of cuts, dual bevels, line ball bearing system, and highly ergonomic design.

This Makita LS1018 review will be your ultimate guide to this miter saw. It will include the basic introduction, first impression, incredible features, specifications, pros, cons, FAQs, and the final verdict by our sawing experts.

Before we jump into the depths of the Makita LS1018 review, let us get some information on the Makita brand.

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Makita is a Japanese Power Tools giant, having its grip throughout the international market.

Being established as early as 1915, Makita began as light equipment Repair Company.

At present, Makita deals with different category products like Cordless Tools, Power Tools, Petrol equipment, and Cordless Tool Batteries.

Over more than a century, Makita has earned the unbeatable position of the king of the Power Tools marketplace and his here to stay for a longer time.

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If you are thinking about whether this miter saw is suitable for me, then let me assure you in this regard.

Makita LS1018 is ideal for DIY enthusiasts, beginners, intermediates as well as professionals in woodwork.

Enough said and done about the brand, let us proceed with the first impression of this innovative wonder.

Stays glued with us till the end of the review and get the juiciest and valuable stuff related to this miter saw. And we are pretty sure you would love it!

Makita LS1018 is it reliable?

Makita LS1018

Will Rogers, the famous American actor, and humorist, rightly quotes, ‘You will never get a second chance to make a first impression.’

Going truly with the above saying, Makita LS1018 gives you that impeccable first impression, which I feel is an equally long-lasting one.

It’s indeed a masterstroke from Makita brand!

At first look, you observe the triple color combination of ‘Blue, black and Gray,’ which makes it more desirable and attractive altogether.

As far as the main assembly is concerned, the silver-gray base looks sturdy and sufficient to carry out different woodworks.

Next, you notice the line ball bearing system and slider fence, which leads to numerous and very accurate cuts.

At the rear side, you can see the Dust Collection bag for getting the sawdust at one place for further disposal.

Coming to the main component, the blade. Makita LS1018 has 10” blade. The blade comes with phenomenal cutting capacity, precision, and angles.

As far as safety is concerned, the manufactures have realized its importance, and they try to include the most reliable safety mechanism to the miter saw.

Therefore this Miter saw, makes an inevitable, long-lasting impression.

Indeed, it’s a pleasure to sore eyes!

Does the ‘look and feel’ of this Miter saw, make a long-lasting impression on you? Click here to know more about it.

Now let us head towards the useful and popular features of this Miter saw.

Assembly of Makita LS1018

The Makita manufacturers think well in advance for their customer’s convenience and comfort.

Yes, you guessed it right!

The majority of Makita LS1018 comes pre-assembled. Only a few parts are to be taken care of by the customers themselves, which is not a big deal at all.

The main assembly, which is pre-assembled, consists of the strong base, the fence mechanism, and the blade assembly.

The parts that come separate are the wrenches, required bolts and screws, user manual, dust collection bag, the extensions, and the support.

If you are a newbie, get the help of that friend who has installed this Miter saw before.

You may also read to the user manual provided by the manufacturers in the package inclusions of this miter saw.

If you are already familiar with the assembly of the miter saw and have done it before, then this should be like a breeze for you.

Ease of Use of Makita LS1018

Makita LS1018 review: Ease Of Use
Makita LS1018 review: Ease Of Use

User-friendliness is a much desired and high-demand trait for any woodworker. The ergonomic design and handle contribute the most to it.

Simply assemble the extra parts to their place, and you can easily make the Miter saw functional.

Looking at the Miter saw, you will instantly feel that the whole design is instinctive.

Also, it is accompanied by electric brakes that give a considerable share of convenience and safety to the miter saw.

As mentioned above, an elastomer material, vibration-proof handle increases the ease of use to a greater extent.

Therefore, this unit is highly user-friendly.

Design of Makita LS1018

Makita LS1018 review: Robust Design
Makita LS1018 review: Robust Design

The Makita LS1018 has a much sturdy and robust design.

It can undertake tough, unexpected, and unusual jobs at the Jobsite.

This miter saw has a linear ball bearing system, which helps achieve precision and makes the Miter saw lightweight.

This design gives output, comfort, portability, and maneuverability.

Additionally, it has a direct drive motor, which leads to softer operation and transition of the miter saw.

The grayish steel base looks sturdy and durable enough to withstand wear and tear.

The sliding fence gives delicacy, flow, precision, and high accuracy to the wooden job.

The blade assembly gives efficient cut capacity and safety.

The manufacturers have made it compact and lightweight so that it can occupy a medium footprint and be easy to carry and transit.

Overall, it scores high in the design aspect.

Power & Speed of Makita LS1018

Makita LS1018 comes with the mighty 13 Amp motor, which has the potential to cut a 4×4 form factor lumber in a single pass.

Because of the direct drive mechanism incorporated in the motor, this Miter saw experiences soft start.

The 4300 RPM blade speed makes it a faster workhorse in real sense.

Both power and speed, guarantee a 100% power transfer, which is appreciable!

Additionally, constant power is supplied, and you are saved from changing the belts if it had been the belt mechanism.

Therefore, this miter saw is a powerhouse and has its sovereignty.

Cut Size of Makita LS1018

Makita LS1018 review: Excellent Cutting capabilities
Makita LS1018 review: Excellent Cutting capabilities

Makita LS1018 blades are well-known to provide versatile cuts at different precision angles and styles.

The Makita LS1018 blade comes with a 10-inch dimension, and the arbor comes with the 5/8 inch dimension.

It can cross-cut up to 12 inches at 90 degrees and 8-1/2 inches at 45 degrees.

This miter saw features linear ball bearing system to facilitate smoother cuts.

It can perform Miter cut from 0 to 47 degrees left and 0 to 60 degrees right.

Bevel cuts can also be imposed with 0 to 45 degrees at both the left and right sides.

The maximum cutting capacity of the saw is 3 to 5/8 x 12 inches.

Additionally, it also has positive stops at 0 degree, 15 degree, 22.5 degree, 31.6 degree and 45 degree at both left and right sides.

Therefore, the miter saw has stunning cutting capabilities.

Working area of Makita LS1018

The Makita LS1018 consists of a stable and robust base table that is sufficient in dimensions.

It also has extensions on either side, which increases its working area significantly.

Thus, the Working area is a plus point in the miter saw.

Dust Collection of Makita LS1018

The manufacturers have added a small dust collection bag for sawdust management.

This bag is of average quality. It is better than nothing but can be improved by leaps and bounds.

This facility does the job at an average level but not to the extent of perfection.

It seems as if the bag has been given for the sake of it.

Therefore, the dust port size and compatibility can be improved reasonably.

Portability of Makita LS1018

Makita LS1018 review: Portability

Portability is the star feature of this miter saw.

The main factors that contribute to making this Miter saw portable are the compact design, medium occupancy (footprint), and lightweight Miter saw body (44 pounds).

The incorporation of portability in this miter saw makes it a child’s play to carry and transport them this Miter saw from one place to another.

Additionally, it increases the convenience and user-friendliness of this Miter saw.

Therefore, portability is a much sought-after feature of this miter saw.

Storage Area of Makita LS1018

It is rightly said that ‘Perfection is a myth.’

The same is the case with this miter saw. This one comes sans the much useful on-board storage.

The on-board storage helps keep extra tools and accessories.

It helps us to keep tools, in case we forget them at Jobsite or in the worst case, misplace them.

Therefore, this is a small minus point in Makita LS1018.

Versatility of Makita LS1018

The capacity of Miter saw to perform different jobs nicely is called versatility. Makita LS1018 is reasonably versatile.

You can do your carpentry, remodeling, crown molding jobs smoothly.

Additionally, you can also do various tasks related to woodwork like framing, renovations, frame- building, deck-formation, finishing jobs, and home improvement jobs.

Therefore, this miter saw appears to be quite versatile in its regard.

Safety of Makita LS1018

How much horrifying, annoying, and painful it would be to get yourself injured or get your precious wooden material damaged?

You can’t even imagine the situation.

Don’t worry.

The Makita manufacturers have taken necessary steps and incorporated must-have mechanisms to keep this Makita LS1018 miter saw safe.

First of all, it has an electric brake, which stops instantly, reducing personal accidents and mishaps to negligible.

Next, its blade is covered by a blade assembly, which saves the human skin from accidents and your wooden sheets from unexpected damage.

Also, the blade guard assembly is translucent, for you to differentiate between the blade and the wood being cut.

Therefore, this miter saw provides absolute safety to its users and the wooden material.

Weight of Makita LS1018

‘Feather-like light’ phrase holds true in the case of this miter saw.

Yes, this miter saw weighs around 44 pounds.

This lightweight trait makes it more portable and transit-friendly.

It is also compact with a medium footprint as occupancy. This feature makes it much easier to store too.

Therefore, the lightweight of this miter saw is a plus point.

Warranty of Makita LS1018

Every single Makita tool leaves the factory, only after thorough deliberation, inspection, and tests.

Makita offers a 30-day return policy for its unsatisfied users.

Also, Makita offers a one year warranty from the date of purchase.

However, this warranty is just applicable to the main assembly and not the extra accessories.

Are these features enough to make you buy this wonder? Click here to add it to the cart right now.

What’s in the box of Makita LS1018

  • Makita LS1018 Miter Saw
  • Triangle Rule for Miter Saws
  • Vertical Vise
  • Dust Bag
  • Extension wing
  • Box wrench

Specification Sheet

Model Number LS1018
Item Weight 43.7 pounds
Product Dimensions 34 x 22 x 20 inches
Color Gray, Blue and Black
Batteries included No
Batteries required No
Blade Cut Size 10 inches
Money back 30 days
Warranty 1 year
Miter angle at left 0-47 degree
Miter angle at right 0-60 degree
Bevel angle at right 0-45 degree
Bevel angle at right 0-45 degree
Power Source corded-electric
Dust collection Yes, Bag
Best features?
  • Ultra-Power 13 Amp motor gives optimum performance.
  • The whopping blade speed of 4300 RPM gives quick and smooth cuts.
  • Makita LS1018 supports various kinds of cuts.
  • Lightweight (44 lbs) compact design supports portability.
  • The linear ball bearing system incorporates high-level accuracy in the job.
  • It has an immense cutting capacity as good as 12″ for cross-cuts.
  • The vibration-proof elastomer ergonomic handle adds to the comfort and user-friendliness of the miter saw.
  • The manufacturers give a one-year warranty and reliable customer service.
  • The majority of the saw comes pre-assembled.
  • The design is mighty and can tackle the toughest jobs.
  • The presentation is impeccable.
  • The electric brakes and the blade guards make this Miter saw much safe.
What’s missing?
  • The laser guide is missing
  • The fence can be improved.
  • Dust Collection can be improved
  • On-board storage is missing
  • One year warranty seems shorter
  • Can be expensive for budget-minded users

After the pros and cons, let us head towards the FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions).

Final Verdict

We have reached the closure point of this much valuable and factual Makita LS1018 review.

Makita LS1018 is much preferred Miter saw, a hot favorite of customers.

It has reached this pinnacle due to its outstanding features.

Makita LS1018 is a beautiful assortment of pre-assembled parts, user-friendliness, mighty design, portability, reliability, versatility, high speed, uber-power, numerous cuts, high safety, and friendly customer service.

Therefore our experts rate it as ‘elite’ in the league of the Miter saw’s available in the marketplace.

Overall, we give a 5-star rating and high recommendations for your Jobsite.

Please leave your queries, suggestions, and feedback in the comments section. We will get back to you soon.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Can the Laser guide be added later on to this miter saw?

No, you cannot add a Laser guide post-purchase to this miter saw.

What is the voltage range supported by this miter saw?

This miter saw supports 120v voltage.

What is the height of the fence?

The height of the fence is 3-3/8 inches.

Is the blade change of Makita LS1018 easy or cumbersome?

The blade change of this miter saw is much easier compared to other counterparts in the market.

Can you cut steel with it?

No, you cannot cut steel with this miter saw.

Can this Miter saw support crown molding?

Yes, this miter saw supports crown molding, but up to 5.5”.

Can you fit crown stops with this miter saw? If yes, then mention model no.

Yes, you can fit the crown stop with this miter saw. The part number for the same is Makita 19523-5.

Can you mention the dimensions of the box for transport?

Yes. The dimensions of the box are (length x width x height) 33 inches x 21 inches x 19 inches.

Where is the saw manufactured?

The saw is manufactured in china.

Can this Miter saw cut very hardwoods like Hickory?

Well, for cutting the hardwoods of that sort, you need a combination of an excellent quality blade as well as a super-power motor with high speed.

Can this Miter saw cut 6 x 6 sheets in a single pass?

No, this miter saw can manage 4 x 4 sheet cutting in a single pass. For 6 x 6 sheets, you would have to flip it over, to complete your cutting process.

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