Are struggling to cut long pieces of wood? Every woodworking professional has at least struggles with a bad saw at least once in their lifetime. Check out the Shop Fox W1819 Review of the all-new high-end professional table saw in this article.

With a very sharp blade and a very powerful motor, this Shop Fox 1819 table saw can cut anything you throw at it.

If you need the next level woodcutting experience, then this table saw is for you.

Shop Fox W1819 Review in 2020 – Buy this Saw, and you will have the time of your life cutting all kinds of wood!

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We hope this Shop Fox W1819 review will show you what this awesome table saw is capable of. Read on to read about various aspects of this table saw for woodwork.

Shall we start with the table saw review, yeah?


This truly innovative table saw comes in a nice and safe packaging which will prevent damage to the parts when the saw is in transit.

Sometimes, you can get the whole saw as disassembled separate components. In which case, you would need to read out the instruction manual carefully to see how to assemble the whole table saw.

According to their official instruction manual, you would need the following tools to assemble this table saw. These tools are not provided in the packaging.

NOTE: If you are not experienced with table saws, then make sure you call in a friend or a person who has experience using and setting up table saws. Safety is our first priority.

If you want to see the manual right now, go to this link.

Ease of Use

Shop Fox W1819 ReviewShop Fox has made an awesome machine. Using this Shop Fox W1819 will change the way you do woodwork. If you look at the designing and thought that goes into making tools at Shop Fox, you would be surprised. They think about everything and always strive to make the best tool in the industry.

Using this 10-inch Shop Fox W1819 table saw, will blow your mind seeing its performance, durability, and accuracy.

You will not have to worry about the safety aspect with the Shop Fox W1819 table saw for professionals.


The design is well thought out and perfect for a classy look as well. The base table is stable and very strong. It will not wobble even it a little bit. You don’t have to worry about the stability at all.

The whole table saw is made out of very durable materials; you don’t have to worry about damaging any part. The overall strength is pretty impressive.

No matter what kind of work you will do, this space on this table is going to be ample for that.

Shop Fox W1819 Review

We love the T-glide fence a lot. It helps you cut wood with very high accuracy and precision. You will notice that the fence has knurled knobs on it. These are there for you to fine-tune your adjustments while cutting wood.

The knobs are such a help! They are really to use as well.

Additionally, a miter gauge is also provided on the table saw.  This miter gauge will work really well and be helpful when working with a long piece of wood.

Other features:

  • Accessory hooks provided
  • Powder-coated paint on the outside to increase durability
  • The fence head assembly has nylon runners in it
  • It has big trunnions made of cast iron
  • There is a motor guard as well

Power & Speed

You are going to be surprised after seeing the amount of power this table saw has.

You will get a 3 Horse Power triple belt drive motor. With this motor, cutting wood is like slicing butter at breakfast table.

Be it hardwood or any other kind of wood, this table saw will rip through it without a sweat. The motor runs very smooth, although it does make a little bit of noise, it can be justified by the amount of punch it packs.

Talking about the noise, it just not that big of an issue. To give you an example, we were easily able to talk when the saw was on and running, so you see, the noise will not be an issue.

You would not even have to worry about vibrations, and it runs steady.

The table will work efficiently on a 220 Volts, so make the necessary arrangements beforehand.

Cut Size

Shop Fox W1819 ReviewCustomers will have a choice for rip capacity. You can either have a 29-1/2 inches rip size or 49 inches of rip capacity. You can either buy the smaller version or a bigger version of this table.

A lot of the table saws that are sold on the market have no way of extending the rip capacity. But with the Shop Fox W1819 table saw, they do provide you with a choice so that your ability to cut longer pieces of wood does not get limited because of the rip capacity of the table saw.


When you work with this table saw, you will see how it is completely different compared to other cheap table saws that are sold on the market.

The blade on this Shop Fox W1819 table saw has ability to tilt from o degrees to 45 degrees. Cutting compound miters or bevels or chamfers will be a piece of cake with this awesome feature.

But how do you tilt the blade?

Whenever you want to tilt the blade to a certain angle, you just have to loosen the blade tilt lock and turn the handwheel to set it to whatever degrees you prefer.

The height of the table on this saw is 34 inches, which is quite comfortable for almost all people.

Easy, yeah?

Dust Collection

When you work with a saw, or for that matter any woodworking tool, you are bound to make a mess around you. A lot of the table saws that do not have dust collection feature create a lot of wood dust and other mess around the place.

This Shop Fox W1819 table saw is a pro at collecting dust and saving you from a major clean-up after completing your work at your job site.

The company has added a 4-inch dust port on this table saw. This is a port to which you can attach industrial vacuum cleaners. It will suck up the majority of the dust, and you would be spared from cleaning up the mess afterward.

Really cool, eh?

If you do not have an industrial vacuum cleaner, you can even fix your home vacuum as well. Those are also going to work really well with this table saw for experts.


As this is a very heavy table saw, it is not portable. Whenever you want to move it around, you would need help.

Although one thing we would like to mention here is that you should talk with the seller beforehand about the placement of the table saw. Sometime the parcel companies will not lower the table saw from the truck to your garage because of liability reasons.

So, unless the courier guys say that they will take it out of the delivery truck and place it in your workplace, you should keep help ready when its time for delivery.

if you would like to move it around, you can buy the mobile case which is shown below in the accessory section.


As you might know, according to the laws of the USA, every table saw has to have a set of safety features.

Worry not!

The safety aspect of this Shop Fox W1819 table is exceptional. The biggest feature is the anti-kickback system on this table saw.

No one loves wood kickback, right? The anti-kickback mechanism will make sure that you don’t get stuff hurled at you!

The anti-kickback pawls are accompanied by a polycarbonate shield and blade guard system assembly. There is total safety with this table saw.

We love how you can actually see the wood that you are cutting through the transparent guard. You will see that the guard stays in contact with the wood piece thought out the cut. As you push the wood, the guard lifts and wood goes towards the blade.

You probably know what a drag wood pinching is, right?

To counter that, the company has added a spreader which consists of a metal place. What it does is, it prevents the kerf of the wood from pinching up after it has passed the blade and is behind the blade.

Impressive, isn’t it?

Has it ever happened to you that suddenly the wood moved towards the opposite direction? Well, they have added a safety feature for that as well.

Remember the anti-kickback pawls? When the wood moves back, then these pawls will dig into the wood and stop/slow it down, preventing any wood kickbacks.

We also love how the riving knife on this table saw is really helpful in preventing pinching.

Best part?

One of the best things about this table saw is that the switch on the saw is magnetic. It also has thermal overload protection to prevent any mishappenings.


The overall weight of this Shop Fox W1819 10-inch table saw is 527 pounds.

Obviously, this is not a piece of machinery that you would move around your worksite. Once set at one pace, it will keep functioning well for a lifetime.

The total dimension of the table saw are 40 inches X 45.5 inches X 62 inches.


From the date of the purchase, you will be covered under the Woodstock International warranty for two years.

The warranty does not cover damage due to lack of maintenance and misuse. So, make sure you keep it well maintained all the time.

If you find faults in the table saw, you can contact the company. Depending on the damage, they will either replace/repair the parts or even refund you the money back if that’s what you want.


Do you fancy some extra accessories for this Shop Fox W1819 table saw? Checkout the following fixtures that you can buy for this model of table saw.

What’s in the box?

Specification Sheet

If you would like to see the whole specifications list, please check out their official spec sheet. 

Approximate shipping weight: 527 lbs.
Arbor size: 5/8″
Arbor speed: 4300 RPM
Blade tilt: 0°-45° left
Cast-iron table size: 27″ x 40-1/4″
Distance from front of table to blade at max. cut: 12-1/2″
Distance from front of table to center of blade: 17-1/8″
Max. dado width: 13/16″
Max. depth of cut @ 45°: 2-3/16″
Max. depth of cut @ 90°: 3-1/8″
Max. rip capacity: 29-1/2″
Motor: 3 HP, 230V, single-phase, 12.8A
Overall size: 62″L x 45-1/2″W x 40″H
Table height from floor: 34″
Table size with extension: 27″ x 53-3/8″


Best features?
  • The design and the look of this awesome table saw is the first thing we got impressed by. It looks partly like a classy cabinet and partly like a constructional tool.
  • The stand of this Shop Fox W1819 table saw is really well made and better than 99% of the table saws that are sold on the market. It is sturdy and pretty much immovable when cutting wood.
  • The high-powered motor deserves an applaud. Its absolute power will cut through any kinds of wood you throw at this table saw.
What’s missing?
  • The amount of noise this table saw makes can be a problem for some people.
  • While it can run on 110 Volts, we do recommend you run it on 220 Volt.
  • This saw will need an experienced person as it needs a lot of assembling out of the box.



Final Verdict

Well, we are going to be honest. This Shop Fox W1819 table saw is not for everyone. It is a special high-end table saw with highly innovative features.

This one is a costly table saw and should be purchased by people who are experienced in this trade. You don’t want to buy this saw and then not use most of its features.

Having this table saw in your job site will surely turn a lot of heads. It’s a pride to own a Shop Fox table saw for a lot of people.

Buy it once and reap the rewards for a lifetime!

Sounds like a really good deal, right?

No matter how large your project is, this saw will help you out finishing it without any hiccups. Needless to say, that this Shop Fox W1819 saw is going to outperform a whole lot of other expensive saws.

We really hope you enjoyed this Shop Fox W1819 Review and got to know more about this remarkable table saw.

If you have any doubts or questions, please feel free to use the comment section below. We will be glad to hear rom you.

Have a nice shopping experience!

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