Hey woodworkers! Do you want to buy a miter saw with high power capacity and brilliant cutting capabilities? Then check out this Tacklife PMS03A review and grace your Jobsite with the best Powertool ever.

Tacklife PMS03A is what every carpenter craves for!

It is an excellent arrangement of high power motor, ultra-fast speed, immensely helpful laser guide, friendly customer service, high-end cutting capabilities, efficient dust collection, and large work area.

It is a fantastic masterpiece and a productive workhorse!

This Tacklife PMS03A review consists of a basic introduction, look and feel, outstanding features, specifications, package inclusions, pros, cons, FAQ, and conclusion.

This review would act as a perfect layout for your purchase of Tacklife PMS03A compound 12-inch miter saw.

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Let us do some information gathering of the ‘Tacklife’ brand.

Tacklife is a leading seller of the Powertools at a global level. Their products are majorly consumer-centric. Their main aim is ‘to provide ease, convenience, and luxury to their consumers.’

The price range of Tacklife is attractive and reasonable to that the majority of consumers can afford their products.

Tacklife deals with six broad categories of products, mainly Power tools, Test tools, Inspection & Measure tools, Hand tools, automotive tools, Lawn & Garden Tools, and Home Appliances.

Tacklife was established in 2015, but within this short span of four years, it has made a significant mark in the marketplace.

Overall, the brand work and products keep up entirely with its tagline, ‘The Future of Tools.’

If you are a woodwork enthusiast, DIY enthusiast, carpenter, contractor, remodeler, plumber, electric fitter, or Jobsite worker, this miter saw will be the most appropriate for you.

But before we head towards the in-depth review of this miter saw, let us show you how this miter saw looks like!

Tacklife PMS03A review in 2020

Tacklife PMS03A review: First Look
Tacklife PMS03A review: First Look

Having the first glance at this miter saw, you keep praising this sheer technological beauty!

What strikes the most is the color combination of black, metal, and orange. The black base looks sturdy and resilient to all kinds of wear and tear.

What impressed me the most in the design of this miter saw is the incorporation of a lock, wherever it is needed.

Another feature that cannot be ignored is the provision of forwarding and backward rails.

These rails facilitate cutting approximate 13” both forward and backward direction.

That is amazing, as you do not have to keep adjusting the material.

Also, the dual bevels give it advance cutting capabilities.

Apart from that, one cannot help but notice the safety mechanisms like the semi-transparent blade guard assembly that proves to be immensely helpful in saving the humans and machines from unwanted injuries and malfunctions.

Overall, it looks like a fine and quality built the piece.

If the presentation of this miter saw makes you curious enough to have a further look at the product, click here for the same.

After getting the ‘look and feel’ of this miter saw, let us further look at the features described individually.


Just like the majority of the miter saw, this one too comes pre-assembled.

The main assembly arrives into a single piece, whereas the other extra tools come separately.

Tacklife PMS03A review: Fully Assembled miter saw
Tacklife PMS03A review: Fully Assembled miter saw

The main assembly has a strong base, the dual bevel, the rail system (both forward and backward), and the motor comprise of the main assembly.

As far as the extra tools are concerned, they are; one 40 tooth TCT blade, one clamping device, one dust bag, one side support, one blade guard assembly, and one wrench.

You just have to fix the extra tools along with the main assembly.

Dear readers worry not, as it is not rocket science at all!

The fixing of extra tools to the main assembly is quite intuitive.

But, if at all, you do not find it convenient, you may refer the user manual provided by the manufacturers or ask for some professional or personal help, with much experience in this regard.

You may also refer to some internet sources to get some help with the assembly part.

It would approximately take half an hour to forty-five minutes to assemble all extra parts and take the machine to that full-functioning level.

Ease of Use

Ease of use rightly called the user-friendliness, is a much in demand trait. The assembly and usage of this miter saw are pretty intuitive and natural.

The Tacklife PMS03A has many mechanisms that make its operation user-friendly.

The sharp 12-inch blade does precise and angled cuts.

The rail fences support both direction movements i.e., forward and backward.

The dual bevel miter sets bevel angle in both the directions and gives that high precision bevel cuts ease.

Additionally, an ergonomic handle is added for that perfect grip and smooth operation.

Moreover, the Tacklife manufacturers have also added a bevel lock system that firmly holds the ply sheets and maintains a good grip of your job work.

The manufacturers have also taken much care of sawdust management. They provide a handy dust collection bag, which collects the sawdust created while using the miter saw.


The design of this miter saw is highly resilient. It is so because it can withstand the wear and tear effortlessly and efficiently.

What design would you appreciate in the miter saw?

The design in which all the machine parts correctly calibrated.

Yes, that exactly is the case with Tacklife PMS03A.

The power pack performance of this miter saw is facilitated by high-end 15 Amp motor and 1700W.

This powerful motor leads to ultra-speed of the blade around 3800 RPM.

The dual bevel system supports cuts at both sides as well as helps you achieve that precision.

The 12″ inch blade helps the significant cut size of the blade, with the help of which you can cut large ply as compared to regular 10″ inch blade.

The design also incorporates five positive stops, provided by the manufacturer to help beginners and users at an initial level to set the correct angles for the cut.

The design also incorporates the safety concerns of the users. It has a sturdy blade guard mechanism to keep the users and the material of job work safe from various mishaps.

The Tacklife PMS03A has the latest laser guide in-built in its system. Following the laser guide, you may experience that flawless cutting, up to the mark, and finished cuts.

The miter saw manufacturers have also given a keen thought to the sawdust management.

The package inclusion of this miter saw consists of a dust collection bag that collects the sawdust produced while doing the job work.

Power & Speed

The Tacklife PMS03A consists of an uber-power motor having amperage of 15 Amp and 1700W.

This power is most appropriate to cut through large ply sheets, and deals with versatile job work almost effortlessly.

The 15 Amp power gives a massive kickback to the blades and leads them to the super-sonic speed of 3800 RPM.

Therefore, Tacklife PMS03A is the best combination of all the worlds, ‘power, versatility, and speed.’

Cut Size

The recognition of a good saw is done by the cut size and various cut capacity.

This miter saw has a 12″ sharp blade suitable for every job work.

This miter saw supports various cuts like cross-cut and bevel cut.

Cross-cuts are cuts that are perpendicular to the sheet i.e., at 90 degrees.

Tacklife PMS03A facilitates cross cut 90 X 90 degrees with a capacity of 105 x 335 mm.

Next, it supports the cross-cuts at 45 degrees with cutting capacity at left and right side as follows:

90° x 45° (L): 60 x 335 mm
90°x 45°(R): 35 mm x 335 mm

This miter saw supports double bevel i.e., 45 degrees to left and 45 degrees to the right, with the cutting capacities as follows:

45°x 45° (L): 60 x 235 mm
45°x 45°(R): 35 x 235 mm

This cut capacity helps to cut even the toughest woods like oak, cherry, walnut, hard maple effortlessly.

Thus, the cutting capacity of this miter saw is praise-worthy.

Working Area

The Tacklife PMS03A has a specially added feature to support larger working are. It incorporates a sizable extended platform.

It does so via two extension rods for a larger space. This ample space is immensely helpful for cutting large ply sheets.

Additionally, a vice clamping system is provided to give a firm grip on the sheet. It fixes the objects and ultimately frees your hands.

Dust Collection

How good will you feel, if the sawdust is taken care of while creating woodwork!

Dear readers, you are well aware of the fact that managing sawdust is indeed a big headache for all the enthusiasts and workers.

The manufacturers have solved a significant problem indeed, by introducing a dust collection bag for sawdust collection and effective sawdust management.

The ratio of the dust collection port is as excellent as 70%.

Also, a 35 mm dust port is provided at the rear side.

You may add your favorite shop vac and extract that dust super effectively with the perfection of 100%.


The Tacklife PMS03A miter saw weighs around 46 pounds. This saw is a medium weight category miter saw.

This trait makes it highly portable.

Now you can easily carry Tacklife PMS03A from one Jobsite to another without any hassle.

Therefore, the much desirable portability is an inherent part of this miter saw.

Storage Area

The absence of onboard storage can be considered as one of the negative traits of this miter saw.

Onboard storages are great for keeping the extra tools as place.

With the onboard storage area, you could keep all your tools and accessories at a dedicated, fixed place, and there would be less chance to forget those tools.

But, without this onboard storage, the probability of misplacing or forgetting the tools increase manifold.


Safety has become a mandatory and inevitable part of the miter saw these days owing to hazards at the Jobsite.

Tacklife PMS03A has various safety mechanisms intact like the blade guard assembly and the lock mechanisms for the same.

The semi-transparent blade guard assembly is mounted right on the top of a 12″ blade. It saves the miter saw operator from unwanted mishaps and injuries.

Additionally, the miter saw has a lock system attached to almost all parts like miter gauge, bevel, vertical angle, and base change handle.

This lock position can be adjusted according to the project need so that the machine parts do not come in the way of cutting, and the accidents at the Jobsite can be avoided.


The miter saw weighs around 46 lbs. It falls under the category of the medium weight miter saw.

This trait makes it portable and contributes to the maneuverability of this miter saw.

Therefore, the transit of this miter saw from place to place is much easy and convenient.


Pre-sales propaganda is almost every brand’s agenda, but what the customers love and increase their retention ratio is the after-sales service.

When the brands hire a prompt and super-effective customer support team, the half battle is won there itself.

The manufacturers offer 24 months long warranty. If any problem occurs in that duration, you can claim your warranty.

Moreover, you can also contact the brand via email in case of any discrepancies.

Laser Guide Mechanism

The laser guide mechanism is the bonus of this miter saw.

This miter saw has an inbuilt laser system, which guides the cuts to 100% precision and provides that unmatched level of accuracy.

Can it get impressive than this!

Positive Stops

Positive stops are pre-set angles provided by the manufacturers.

They are added in the miter saw to guide the newbies and other carpenters for precise cut angles.

There are in total five cut angles provided in this miter saw. They are -45°/-22.5°/0°/+22.5°/+45°.

These five angles help the user adjust their saw and get the desired precision and finishing cuts.

If you find these features simply outstanding, click here to know more about this miter saw.

What’s in the box?

  • TACKLIFE PMS03A Miter saw
  • 40 Tooth TCT Blade
  • 1 Set Carbon Brush
  • 2 Extension Rods
  • Allen Wrenches
  • Dust Bag
  • 1 Set Clamping System
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card

Specification sheet

Model Number PMS03A
Item Weight 46 lbs.
Product Dimensions 28.9 x 13.7 x 17.3 inches
Color Black, orange, silver gray
Batteries included No
Batteries required No
Blade Cut Size 12″
Warranty 24 months
Miter angle at left 45 degree
Miter angle at right 46 degree
Bevel angle at right 47 degree
Bevel angle at right 48 degree
Power Source Corded electric
Dust collection Yes, bag
voltage 120 volts
Style 12-inch miter saw
Material Metal
Pattern Double bevel cuting; sliding miter saw
Amperage capacity 15 Amp
Wattage Power 1700W
No. of Handles 1
Handle material Plastic with soft rubber
Speed 3800 RPM
Laser guide Yes
Laser Beam Color Red


Best features?
  • Tacklife PMS03A has high power 15 Amp and 1700W motor that works like a beast.
  • The high power motor leads to blade giving the super-fast speed of 3800 RPM.
  • A double bevel cut and cut size facilitate different cuts and versatile jobs.
  • The dust collection does sawdust management efficiently.
  • The 40 tooth TCT blade efficiently manages the various cuts.
  • The two extension rods provide a larger workspace, giving better material support.
  • The warranty of 24 months adds to the brand recognition and goodwill.
  • Major modules come pre-assembled, which is praise-worthy.
  • The miter saw is natural and quite easy to use.
  • The design of the saw is resilient.
  • The 46 pounds medium weight of miter saw supports portability.
  • The miter saw is safe, covering all the concerns of site accidents and mishaps.
  • The laser guide helps users with the finished and accurate cuts.
  • The positive stops help set the angles, especially for newbies.
  • It is a ‘high value for money’ product.
  • It has an attractive look and feel.
What’s missing?
  • Onboard storage area is missing.
  • It does not come with a stand.

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

Is this miter saw single bevel or dual bevel?
This miter saw is dual bevel miter saw.

How is the blade change process?
The blade change is just like a breeze. Wrenches make this part easier.

Is this miter saw suitable for hardwoods like walnut, oak, etc.?
Yes, this miter saw is the best fit even for the most stubborn wood.

Does the laser guide require any adjustments?
No, the laser guide will come pre-adjusted.

Is this miter saw compatible with other brand’s blade?
Yes, this miter saw is compatible with other brand’s blades.

Can we change the speed of the saw?
Yes, you can do that by pressing the speed variation button given at the handle of this saw.

Does this miter saw support 110 V?
No, it supports 120V.

What is the size of the arbor?
The arbor is 1” in size.

Final verdict

We have come to the climax of this feature-rich Tacklife PMS03A review.

Our experts have worked with this saw on different projects for hours at a stretch.

As per their experience, this miter saw is ‘a picture-perfect’ made up of several ‘jigsaw pieces’ like rich feature set, affordable price, impressive look and feel, and durable design.

It has everything a carpenter and a woodwork enthusiast can ask for!

Therefore after a thorough deliberation of this Tacklife PMS03A review, we give it a perfect 10 and highly recommend it for your Jobsite.

Our main aim is to keep you well informed about the latest products available in the marketplace and how they can benefit you.

So, we have more for you!

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Please leave your comments, queries, comments, suggestion, and feedback in the comment section. Those will be taken care of by us.

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